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Picture Book Illustration 101

Six Things Children's Illustrations Need

Interview with Lauren Rille, Associate Art Director, Simon & Schuster (on biggest mistake beginners make)

12 Ways to Read a Picture Book 

How To Illustrate a Children's Book

Illustrator's Guide to Creating a Picture Book

How to Break Into Children's Illustration

Techniques/ Tips

Gesture: Why All the Fuss? 

Historical Accuracy in Illustration: Shifting Standards or Stubborn Certainties? 

How I Study Picture Books

Quentin Blake's 7 Golden Rules of Illustration

Catching that Expression

Learning in the Flesh: Why Disney Sends Its Animators to Life Drawing Class

Developing Characters

Drawing 100 Lions or Maybe More

Characters with Character 

How to Design Characters: Discover a Foolproof Methodology

How to Turn "a" Boy into "This" Boy

Human Anatomy Fundamentals: Drawing Different Ages

Why Use Photo References

Thumbnails/ Storyboards 

How WHERE ARE MY BOOKS was made (part 2): Thinking Visually with a Thumbnail Sketch Template, plus free print ready template for picture book writers and illustrators

Websites/Blogs with Good Information

How to Be a Children’s Illustrator: Mark Mitchell’s blog on children’s illustration website and blog of Disney character designer who blogs about concept art and illustration, contains links to his online courses

: the online home of the SCBWI LA Illustration Portfolio Mentorship Program winners

Once Upon a Sketch: a blog that shares information and news for the children’s illustration market. 

PB Dummy Challenge: a six month long group challenge to create and submit a picture book dummy.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast: Jules Danielson's literary salon where writers and artists converge to talk about children’s books. 

Sub It Club's Postcard Posts

Making a Dummy

Making a Picture Book Dummy, SCBWI British Isles

Dummy Books Part 1: Making the Dummy - excellent overview of steps to take to make a dummy

Advice for Building a Portfolio

Donald Wu Illustrations "How to Build an Illustration Portfolio" 

Juana Martinez Neal "How to Put a Children's Illustration Portfolio Together" 

Online Courses for Illustrators

New: Live classes at the SVS: join expert illustrators in live classes beginning in January on topics such as idea generation, making book covers, painting textures/details, and jump starting your creativity.

Chris Oatley’s classes: Disney character designer provides classes on concept art and illustration

Make Your Splashes, Make Your Marks: online course for children’s illustration that includes monthly online critique sessions

The School of Visual Storytelling: online, interactive illustration courses taught by working professionals (Jake Parker, Will Terry, and Ryan Halderman). 

Will Terry’s Folio Academy: reasonably priced video art classes that cover everything from basic drawing to advanced topics, with several children’s illustration classes.

Alicia Padron: reasonably priced online beginner's illustration classes with one on one feedback

Shadra Strickland: The Art of the Picture Book: reasonably priced and well organized class on illustrating for children on Craftsy

Wendy Martin's Illustrator Class for Children's Illustrator

The Illustration Department: Art Director Giuseppe Castellano provides a 3-week dummy workshop, 3-week illustration workshop, and a 1-hr portfolio review  (Three week illustration workshop = a one-on-one workshop including two one-hour live consultations)

Critique Opportunity

Take a Look Sunday: submit two sequential illustrations to Kathy Temean's blog and get the opportunity to be critiqued by the agents at CATugeau Literary Agency.


The Yeeha of Inspiration

Why No One Likes Your Art: 26 Reasons (oddly encouraging insights)

Go Ahead: Make Stuff: Isabel Roxas

Other Resources

FREE Andrew Loomis Art Instruction Downloads (detailed illustration, drawing, and painting books)

Step by Step Instructions on Making a Ball-Jointed Doll

Practice Figure Drawing

Pose Maniacs

Figure & Gesture Drawing Practice

Drawing Tutorials Online

Networking Sites (Directories, Societies)

Children' - international directory of children's illustrators

Graphic Artists Guild - professional organization for graphic artists

Illustration Mundo - online resource for illustrators; directory of illustrators

Society of Illustrators Exhibits, lectures, educational programs, 
and other resources for illustrators

Picture Book Illustrator's Directory

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