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The following is a list of conferences and workshop retreats offered for writers across the country. Conferences are listed first, chronologically, and retreats follow.

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Feb 17, 8-9:15 ET Inked Voices Webinar: No Nonsense Revision with Sean McCarthy.


Literary agent Sean McCarthy will discuss ways to determine when your manuscript is ready for revision; revision approaches and techniques (from butchering-to-the-bones to hand-polishing for submission) and tips for using feedback to guide your revisions. He’ll use client examples to show the evolution of a book right through editorial feedback and revisions. This talk will focus on picture books, but the concepts will apply to writers in other categories.  


Feb. 3-Mar. 1 Agent and Peer Virtual Workshop: Middle Grade Fiction, First 15 Pages Critiques with Saba Sulaiman, Talcott Notch Agency. Workshop 15 pages of your MG novel with peers and agent Saba Sulaiman. Writers from diverse backgrounds may apply for a free spot in this workshop. Please apply by Jan 10th:


Feb. 17-Mar. 14 Agent and Peer Online Workshop: Young Adult Fiction, First 15 Pages Critiques with Laurel Symonds, The Bent Agency. Workshop 15 pages of your YA novel with peers and agent Laurel Symonds. Writers from diverse backgrounds may apply for a free spot in this workshop. Please apply by Jan 20th:


Feb. 27 The Write Universe Kid Lit Workshop with Random House Editor Frances GilbertRandom House Editor, Frances Gilbert, will share honest insight about the reasons she rejects manuscripts, the behind-the-scenes process of accepted manuscripts, picture book hooks that work, plus much more. Q&A sessions will assure that she answers your burning questions about picture book publishing, working with an editor, acquisitions with a "Big Five" house etc. Opportunity for feedback. (Richardson, TX)

JULY 2021

July 11-17, 2021  Master Skills Workshop with Editor Patti Gauch and Author Gary D Schmidt - Former editorial director of Philomel Books Patti Gauch and ward-winning MG & YA author Gary Schmidt will do a deep dive into writing novels for children. Online and in person component is available. (Lexington, MI)