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Good Websites

2015 MG and YA Debut Authors  community of MG and YA authors debuting in 2015

Adventures in YA Publishing A website run by YA authors giving tips, running contests and giveaways, and other publishing information

DiversifYA site with tools for authors to include and promote diversity in their YA work

DiversityinYA - celebrating diversity in YA

YA Lit  site listing upcoming YA releases

YA Highway - YA writers celebrate YA books & provide writing and publishing tips

YA Reads reading recommendations for YA books


Writing Young Adult Fiction for Dummies  (paperback edition)

The 21 Best YA Books for 2013 

List of 200+ YA Agents with Links A huge list of 200 + agents and agencies looking for YA. List contains links and contact names blog by Sirra.

Just Write for Young Adults! Emma Walton Hamilton's 14 week course on writing YA

Good Articles

Secrets and Contradictions - tips on creating compelling characters

The Greatest Advice I Ever Got from 12 YA Debut Authors 

The Top Five Do's of Writing YA Lit

How to Structure a Killer Novel Ending on Writer's Digest 

Writing for the 21st Century (thoughts on writing for today's teens)

Avoiding LGBTQ Stereotypes in YA Fiction, Part 1: Major LGBTQ Stereotypes

Writing the Young Adult Verse Novel

A Chat with Emma Dryden

The Key Differences Between Middle Grade vs. Young Adult

How Do You Write for Teenagers?

Accidental Outdated Slang in YA

Kid Lit Can, with Susan Hughes: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll: Writing Edgy YA Part 1

Kid Lit Can, with Susan Hughes: Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll, Writing Edgy YA Part 2

Novels in Verse (list) 

21 Publishers Seeking Young Adult Manuscripts

Is it YA or NA?

I'm a Teenager and I Don't Like Young Adult Novels. Here's Why.

Craft Books

Writing Great YA, by Regina Brooks

The 21 Best YA Books for 2013 

New Adult (NA)

New Adult Roundup of Links compiled by Deborah Halverson 

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