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Grammar/ Technical Resources

Word Count & Chapter Length

The Industry Standard for Word Counts (PB, MG, YA, Novels)

AR Book Finder - Find the word counts of your favorite books.

Character Driven Stories

Creating a Character Arc: Firing up your Stalled Novel Part 2

The Six Stages of Character Development (video)

Michael Hauge: Inner Conflict

The 10 Rules of Writing Large Casts of Characters

The Type of Character Development Nobody Talks About

Laini Taylor Reveals the Allure of Forbidden Love

The Key Components of a Compelling Character (According to Psychology)

How do Pantsers Develop Character

Plot, Inner Change, Evocative Writing: What Really Rivets Readers?

Character Objective and Writing a Strong Protagonist 

11 Secrets to Writing an Effective Character Description

Characters are People Too: Bring Your Book to Life (Part 1)

How to Avoid One Dimensional Characters

How to Avoid Cliched Emotional Responses in your Writing

Trying to Make Your Story "Unique"? Avoid These Common Pitfalls

What Does Your Hero Want? #6 Revealing your Hero's Desires

Learn Five Types of Character Arc at a Glance: The 2 Heroic Arcs (Part 1 of 2)

Learn Five Types of Character Arc at a Glance: The 3 Negative Arcs (Part 2 of 2)

Conflict #2: Conflict vs. Combat

Character Grid

6 Requirements for Writing Better Character Goals

7 Reasons Your Characters Feel Flat


Let Your Villains Take the Lead

There is No Bad Guy: What to do when your Antagonist isn't a Villain


Janice Hardy on plotting 



Show, Don't Tell



The Power of Voice


5 Rules for How to Write a Sequel for your Book


Action Scenes

How to Choreograph a Great Action Scene

Blow-by-Blow: Writing Action and Fight Scenes - 5 Tips



How to Organize a Chapter


How to Structure a Killer Novel Ending 


10 Ways to Launch Strong Scenes


10 Dos and Don'ts for Writing Realistic Dialogue 

World Building

5 Tips for Writing about Fictional Technology

General Writing

Huge List of Children's Publishers

The Book SCBWI's guide to publishers, agents, magazines, and more

Top Children's Books 

Cybils Literary Awards CYBILS – Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards

All The Wonders- author interviews with Matthew Winner

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