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Grammar/ Technical Resources

New From The Purple Crayon

Word Count

The Industry Standard for Word Counts (PB, MG, YA, Novels)

AR Book Finder - Find the word counts of your favorite books. 

Character Driven Stories

How to Write a Powerful Ending

Storytelling with the Magic of Threes 

Janice Hardy on plotting 

Things Don't Just Happen: On Cause and Effect, in Fiction Anyway

How To Write a Satisfying Ending

Crafting an Effective Plot for Children’s Books


Show, Don't Tell



The Power of Voice

I'd Know That Voice Anywhere



Editing/ Revisions

See our page on Revisions

General Writing

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Manuscript

Publisher's Marketplace  up to date news from the publishing world, including book deals. Requires subscription

Huge List of Children's Publishers

The Book: SCBWI's guide to publishers, agents, magazines, and more

Top Children's Books 

The Top 100 Children's Books in the Last 100 Years compiled by the New York Public Library  

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