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If You've Ever Wanted to Write a Book, Here's How

Grammar/ Technical Resources

Word Count & Chapter Length

The Industry Standard for Word Counts (PB, MG, YA, Novels)

AR Book Finder - Find the word counts of your favorite books

Character Driven Stories

Character Grid

6 Requirements for Writing Better Character Goals

7 Reasons Your Characters Feel Flat

Q & A Inner Life of Characters

Character Development Questions to Ask and Answer

7 Things Your Character is Hiding

Nail Every Character's First Impression

2 Different Types of Lies Your Character Believes

Creating Stunning Character Arcs, Pt 1: Can You Structure Characters?

What is a Character Arc?

Critique: 6 Tips for Introducing Characters

How to Write Likeable Characters

Character Introductions: Making the Right Impressions

How to Make Your Supportive Characters Shine


Let Your Villains Take the Lead

There is No Bad Guy: What to do when your Antagonist isn't a Villain


Janice Hardy on plotting 

How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method

Writing Insights Part Two: The Rough Draft

Start Your Outline with These Four Questions

My 20 Step Plan to Writing a Book Part 1 (Steps 1-10)

So, You Want to Write a Series

Conquering Your First Draft

25 Steps to Being a Traditionally Published Author 

How to Outline a Novel

Mind Mapping Can Organize Your Writing Process 

Worksheets for Writers

My Best Writing Advice for the Next Decade

I'm Writing a Novel: Why Should I Bother to Outline?

Plot Your Novel in Three Simple Steps

Premise Palooza! Generating Great Story Ideas

Gripping Stories: How to Write Them

4 Questions to Prevent Plot Holes


7 Simple Trustworthy Tricks for Keeping Your Draft Moving Smoothly

Sentence Flow: Fixing Choppy Writing

Top 3 Tools for Writing Fast (video with Jesse Q. Sutanto)



Show, Don't Tell



The Power of Voice


5 Rules for How to Write a Sequel for your Book


Action Scenes

How to Choreograph a Great Action Scene

Blow-by-Blow: Writing Action and Fight Scenes - 5 Tips



How to Organize a Chapter


How to Structure a Killer Novel Ending 


10 Ways to Launch Strong Scenes


10 Dos and Don'ts for Writing Realistic Dialogue 

World Building

5 Tips for Writing about Fictional Technology

Avoiding Pitfalls

Be Very Careful with Dreams and Hallucinations in Novels

General Writing

Huge List of Children's Publishers

The Book SCBWI's guide to publishers, agents, magazines, and more

Writing How-To's (Books and other Writing Guides)

Top Children's Books 

Cybils Literary Awards CYBILS – Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literary Awards

All The Wonders- author interviews with Matthew Winner

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