Freelance Editors & Critiques

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Freelance Editors & Critique Services at a Glance

What is a freelance editor? A freelance editor is someone that is hired by YOU to polish your manuscript(s) prior to submission to agents or editors. A freelance editor will not REWRITE your manuscript, but will offer the expert eye that will strengthen your manuscript. A really good freelance editor will help your manuscript by looking for: 

Narrative voice, arc
, pacing
, characterization, point of view
, setting, visual storyline (picture books), 
read-aloud quality  (picture books), word choice, rhythm, and grammar/mechanics

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the following freelance editors (in alphabetical order).

Professional Critique Services 

The following individuals (published authors, former editors and agents) offer professional picture book critique services that we recommend. (In alphabetical order). Click their links for more information.

Lisa Amstutz

Heather Ayris Burnell

Laura Backes (you must be logged into CBI and be a CBI member to access her critiques)

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Carrie Charley Brown  

Rachelle Burk 

Jess Carroll- Rhyme Solutions

Alayne Kay Christian

Jean Dagneua & Gloria Adams - Two-4-One Critiques (PB & MG)

Danielle Davis 

Lori Degman- rhyming picture books ONLY.

Heidi Fiedler

Susan Hughes

Renee LaTulippe - rhyming picture books ONLY.

Elizabeth Law 

Susanna Leonard Hill

Tracy Marchini

Kim McPherson

Yvonne Mes

Miranda Paul

Patti Richards

Sara Sciuto

Linda Skeers

Beth Stilborn

Tiffany Strelitz Haber- rhyming picture book manuscripts

Jennifer Swanson -nonfiction PBs & nonfiction proposals

Susan Uhlig

Karla Valenti (Karla VA)

Carol Munro

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