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2015 MG and YA Debut Authors

Is It a Chapter Book or Middle Grade? How to Tell by Emma Walton Hamilton

Kidliterati: information about kid lit in MG & YA

Middle Grade Minded - blog of up and coming MG authors sharing advice

Middle Grade Book Bloggers - long list of blogs that promote and write about MG books, on Maggie Lyon's site (check out her whole blog)

Middle Grade Mania - directory of blogs that promote MG

Project Mayhem - the manic minds of middle grade writers

4 Keys to Writing Un-Put-Down-Able Middle Grade Adventure

What Is MG?

The Key Difference Between Middle Grade & Young Adult 

The Difference Between MG and YA 

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Middle Grade Writing Advice

4 Keys to Writing Middle Grade 

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The Best of the Underrated Middle School Books


List of 20 MG Agents- Darcy Pattison

MG Literary Agents - agents that Represent MG


Just Write for Middle Grade! Emma Walton Hamilton's 14 week course on chapter books and middle grade 

Write a Middle Grade Novel in One Month with Nancy Saunders

The Craft of MG: Mastering Middle Grade Novel Writing with Hillary Homzie and Dr. Mira Reisberg Join Children's Book Academy award-winning master teachers, Hillary Homzie and Dr. Mira Reisberg, as they help you write and sell those much-desired Middle Grade Novels in fun, highly interactive step-by-step trainings that will totally make it doable and fun! Up-grade your chapter book or even your picture book concept in ways that you can’t even imagine now to open new doors. Are you ready for an extraordinary adventure in this empowering, and highly interactive e-course with awesome, submission opportunities and tons of bonuses? The Children's Book Academy has a fantastic record of published students. Enter now! 
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