Submissions: Agents & Editors

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Where do I go from here?

Ready to start the submission process with your awesome manuscript? 

Purple Crayon News and Updates

Step 1: Are You Ready to Submit?

Is Your Manuscript Ready for the Submission Process? Parts 1 and Part 2

10 Tests to Prove Your Manuscript is Ready for Submission 

You Can Judge a Book by Its Title, and Other Wisdom from the Submission Pile

The Great Agent Hunt: Eight Lessons Learned

An EPIC POST on the Submission Process, from an Agent's POV

How to Get Real and Get an Agent

5 Qualities Agents Look for in Writers

How to Research a Literary Agent

What an Editor Does (actually, tips on writing a great book)

Step 2: Decide who to Submit to: Agents or Editors

11 Steps to Finding the Agent Who Will Love Your Book

Agent-Editor Wish List

Subbing Agents vs. Editors as Part of Your Strategy

22 Children's and Young Adult Book Publishers

Picture Book Publishers 101

The Top 25 Publishers for New Authors

The Big Five U.S. Trade Publishers (infographic)

How to Smartly Evaluate a Small Publisher

Look Into Publishers Before Submitting

How to Evaluate a Publisher for Your Book

Switching from Querying Agents to Querying Publishers

Step 3: If agents, scour Agent Lists

The following sites are a good starting point to find children's book agents:

Top Children's Literary Agents 2016-2017

Literary Rambles - a comprehensive compilation of children's book agents across all genres

Resources Listing Literary Agents and Artist's Representatives

Monster List of Picture Book agents 

Chuck Sambuchino's blog 

Step 4: Research Your Preferred Agents

After you've found a few agents, check for their likes, dislikes and response times at Agent Query and Publishers Marketplace and read as many interviews and articles as you can.  Google their clients and check out their work.

Query Tracker is also another great source of information about agents and publishers and offers a way to track your queries.

Agent Query Connect A huge online community where you ask questions and get answers.

MSWL - agents post their manuscript wish lists using the hashtag #MSWL on Twitter which are aggregated on this website

Some cautionary posts (do your homework):

Agents Wave the Red Flags

Bad Agent 

Step 9: Understand Your Contract

Congratulations! You have a contract. Now it's time to understand your contract and be aware of the important issues. Head on over to Legal Resources for Creatives for some articles to help get you started.  Consider hiring a good attorney to help you with your contract review & negotiation


Some articles answering questions you might have about the agenting process and life with an agent:

On Being On Submission

My First Year as an Agented Writer

An EPIC POST about the Submission Process, from an Agent's POV
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