Conferences, Workshops & Retreats

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The following is a list of conferences and workshop retreats offered for writers across the country. Conferences are listed first, chronologically, and retreats follow.

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July 12-15 Kidlit - Futurescapes Writers Workshop A highly competitive workshop with agents, editors, and authors providing instruction and mentorship for 10,000 words of a speculative (fantasy or sci-fi) manuscript, working in small critique groups. Virtual. ($696 for SCBWI members, more for nonmembers)


Oct. 12-13, 2023 Better Books Marin. Intensive workshop limited to fewer than 28 seasoned writers, designed to provide deep immersion in craft. Faculty include Alexandra Acevedes (associate editor, Holiday House), Erin Clyburn (literary agent, Howland Literary), and Feather Flores (editor, Atheneum), and Mary Kole (former literary agent, freelance editor). The schedule includes faculty master class sessions, group discussions, and a 30-40 minute faculty-led critique of 25 pages.

There are two scholarships for diverse voices. (Menlo Park, CA)