Challenges for Illustrators

© Sue Cottrill


SCBWI Draw This! Monthly Contest - submit an illustration according to a theme and be part of an online gallery. Two pieces will be chosen each month to be featured in an email.  

All Year

Postcard Boost Join Kidlitart tweeters as illustrators share their postcards in progress over a month, from development to mailing.

Doodle Day: a Facebook group of artists and illustrators who doodle each day, or whenever they can, based on a prompt that is provided

Illustration Day: a weekly forum where illustrators post their work that is based on a prompt that is provided

52 Week Illustration Challenge - a weekly prompt for illustrations

Create One a Day - create something new every day and share it on your website or blog

Design 100 Somethings - Jake Parker challenges you to create 100 versions of something as a way to improve your art

Third Thursdays - The School of Visual Storytelling's monthly challenge to illustrate to a prompt with a chance for feedback and discounts

Color Collective: weekly art challenge based on a single color


Summer Drawing Challenge: Between June 1 and Aug 31, draw your favorite summer memory as a kid and post it with the hashtag #kidlitsummers

#Aughost - for the month of August, create a post ghostly art based on a daily prompt (on Mastodon)


Smart Dummies - Challenge yourself to finish a dummy in one month.  Registration is now open. Get daily inspiration and a chance for prizes, plus the satisfaction of completing a dummy.

Inktober - a daily ink drawing challenge for the month of October


SkADaMo - a month of sketching with Sketch a Day Month - no other rules, FB groups or guest posts. Just post your sketch using #SkADaMo.