Submissions: Agents & Editors

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Where do I go from here?

Ready to start the submission process with your awesome manuscript?

For all things related to subbing your manuscript check out the links below.


Jan. 6, 6:30-7:30 p.m. CST Basics and Beyond: Writing Picture Books with Agent Heather Cashman All genres can benefit from the insights and the opportunities within this webinar, but this is an essential for picture book writers! Heather is a Literary Agent at Storm Literary Agency and although she is closed to the general public, she will be open to queries from all attendees. She is also offering 20 picture book critiques, so make sure to sign up for one of those spots.  

Free Videos from The Picture Book Submissions System: Stop Sabotaging Your Submissions Check out the free videos on the following topics: Demystifying the Query Letter, Perfecting Your Pitch, and From Panicked to Published with award-winning picture book authors Emma Walton Hamilton and Julie Hedlund.

Video Interview with Ivan Taurisano, Assistant Editor, Sourcebooks and Rosie Pova, where he discusses the current state of the picture book market and how you can position your work better; anticipated shifts in regard to books likely to be in higher demand; topics/themes that are now saturated and less likely to attract an editor... and more! (free, email sign up required)

Step 1: Are You Ready to Submit?

51 Traditional Children's Book Publishers Seeking Submission -No Agent Required

10 Tests to Prove Your Manuscript is Ready for Submission 

An EPIC POST on the Submission Process, from an Agent's POV

How to Research a Literary Agent

What an Editor Does (actually, tips on writing a great book)

How do I Find an Agent?

Landing the Right Literary Agent and The Journey to Get There

What Does a Literary Agent Do?

How to Find a Literary Agent in 109 Easy Steps

Dare I Submit During a Pandemic

Do I Need a Submission "Package" (for Picture Book Writers)

Picture Book Publishers 101

The Big Five U.S. Trade Publishers (infographic)

How to Smartly Evaluate a Small Publisher

Look Into Publishers Before Submitting

Evaluate Small Publishers Like A Pro

21 Children's Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts 

24 Publishers Accepting Picture Books - No Agent Required

Submit Your Children's Book Without An Agent! New List of 100 Open Publishers (June 2023)

Step 3: If agents, scour Agent Lists

The following sites are a good starting point to find children's book agents:

Literary Rambles 

Resources Listing Literary Agents and Artist's Representatives

Monster List of Picture Book Agents (updated January 2022)

Step 4: Research Your Preferred Agents

After you've found a few agents, check for their likes, dislikes and response times at Agent Query and Publishers Marketplace and read as many interviews and articles as you can.  Google their clients and check out their work.

Query Tracker is also another great source of information about agents and publishers and offers a way to track your queries.

Agent Query Connect A huge online community where you ask questions and get answers.

MSWL - agents post their manuscript wish lists using the hashtag #MSWL on Twitter which are aggregated on this website

How to Research Literary Agents and Publishers Before Sending Materials

Agent Research 101: Mining Deal Data

The Straight Dope on Publisher's Marketplace

Getting Past Rejection

Step 8: Take the Call

Step 9: Understand Your Contract

Congratulations! You have a contract. Now it's time to understand your contract and be aware of the important issues. Head on over to Legal Resources for Creatives for some articles to help get you started.  Consider hiring a good attorney to help you with your contract review & negotiation


Some articles answering questions you might have about the agenting process and life with an agent:

On Being On Submission

An EPIC POST about the Submission Process, from an Agent's POV