Author-Illustrator Spotlight: Kevan Atteberry

© Kevan Atteberry

May 8, 2015 

KidLit411 is proud to present the very talented Kevan Atteberry in the Author-Illustrator Spotlight this week.  Kevin is the author and the illustrator of the hit picture book, BUNNIES!!!

Welcome, Kevan!

©Kevan Atteberry

When did you decide to become a writer?

The moment I could write. Same with becoming an illustrator; the moment I put crayon to paper.

Where do the your ideas come from?

I keep them in the second drawer down. But it’s locked. So don’t even think of peeking. Actually, most of my ideas come from sketches I’ve done. Or from some simple rhyme that comes to me and lodges itself in my grey matter.

© Kevan Atteberry

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Only everything. Writing is very difficult for me. First of all I rarely get good blocks of time to sit and write. And when I do get those blocks of time, it seems there is always something else I should be working on. I know, I know, you have to make the time—that, or make a deal with the very devil himself. (Which is what I am convinced my ├╝ber-prolific writer friends have done.) 

Maybe the hardest thing about writing for me is to resist the urge to rhyme and alliterate. 

© Kevan Atteberry

Do you ever get Writer’s Block?

It’s my middle name. When I do get it I can switch over to illustrator mode and sketch or draw. Then pray I don’t get Illustrator’s Block.

What is your favorite motivational phrase?

With the bombardment of motivational and inspirational quotes we receive in social media I’m mostly numb to them. I have, however, carried this quote from a Jules and the Polar Bears song since the early 80s: “The nice thing about true hopelessness is that you don’t have to try again.” 

© Kevan Atteberry

I’m not an “anything-is-possible” kind o’ guy. When I struggle with a bit of copy, a whole story or a sketch for too long, this quote is a reminder that some things aren’t going to happen and to move on to the next thing. This also applies to projects around my home.

© Kevan Atteberry

What is your favorite book and why?

A favorite book? I have many books that I love, many that are important to me. Trying to think of a favorite one is kinda nutty. Hopefully it is always “the book I’m reading right now.” The book that stands out as maybe the most notable to me is CHARLOTTE'S WEB. I’ve loved books since I can remember and as a child read them vociferously. CHARLOTTE'S WEB was the first one that evoked strong emotional reactions, the first book ever to make me cry. I remember being shocked and embarrassed at the time, but it moved me so.

© Kevan Atteberry

What are you working on at the moment?

I am finishing up the companion book to BUNNIES!!! It is called PUDDLES!!! And will be out in a year. 

I’m also working on a very fun picture book called I LOVE YOU MORE THAN THE SMELL OF SWAMP GAS that will be out June 2017. I’ve switched up my technique/style of illustration for this book and am excited about working on it. It is also in rhyme. 

Besides those books, I have a half dozen or so stories that I need to hone and dummy and get them off to my agent. You know, with all my free time.
©Kevan Atteberry

Kevan is an illustrator/writer living in the Seattle area. He has been drawing since he was knee-high to a crayon. He has designed and illustrated many things including award-winning children's books. His biggest claim to fame is creating Clippy the paperclip helper in Microsoft Office which still annoys millions of people every day.


  1. I predict that "I Love You More Than The Smell of Swamp Gas" will be a huge hit! :D Love Kevan's sense of humor and I think he should sell motivation quote piece as a poster because it's pretty awesome! LOL!

  2. Love the illustrations (Especially the candy cane one.)

  3. Can't wait for Puddles, Kevan!!

    I just love your work--the man feeding the pigeons hearts is so touching--love it. And the pigs, and is it Bigfoot above? So sweet. Thanks for the interview, Sylvia & Elaine!!

  4. I could look at Kevan art all day long! I just love his style. He captures emotion so well!

    Really fun interview :D

  5. Kevan, Thanks for sharing! I love your piece of the little boy and dragon stargazing.

  6. Kevan's work is so endearing!! Thank you for the interview!


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