Kidlit411 Illustration Contest Winners and Showcase

© Hui Li

Feb. 19, 2018

We were BLOWN AWAY by the entries to our Kidlit411 banner design contest! And so grateful to all of you for spending the time to help share the Kidlit411 love.

The decision was very difficult. So many entries had amazing art, but we were looking for a website banner, so we also took into account the overall design and treatment of our name/brand. We asked for your interpretation of our current banner, which is why we had so many great bird-themed entries. And of course, all of it was very subjective. 

After much deliberation, we chose the following winners:


© Hui Li
Hui Li wins $100, an Illustrator Spotlight, and display of her banner on our website and Facebook group for the month of March 2018!  

We love her whimsical design, the bird with the glasses, the color palette, and the clever cloud typography. Medium: watercolor and pencil. Visit her website at Follow her on Twitter @shululustudio or Instagram @shulululee.


© Rachel Dutton

Rachel Dutton wins $50, an Illustrator Spotlight, and display of her banner on our website and Facebook page for the month of April 2018.

We love the colors, funny birds, old-school communication devices, and overall design. Medium: digital. Visit her website at Follow her on Twitter @rachelduttonart.


We had so many great entries, we chose 8 honorable mentions, listed in alphabetical order. Each will have their banner displayed on our website & Facebook page for the following months (plus an Illustrator Spotlight the month their banner is shown).

May 2018 - Eric Castleman

Digital mixed media © Eric Castleman

June 2018 - Nancy Colle

Watercolor, ink, pencil, digital © Nancy Colle

July 2018 - Abi Cushman

Pencil, digital © Abi Cushman

August 2018 - Eunji Jung 
Digital © Eunji Jung

September 2018 - Maile McCarthy

Cut paper collage © Maile McCarthy

October 2018 - Shiho Pate
Ink and digital © Shiho Pate

November 2018 - Carina Povarchik

Digital © Carina Povarchik

December 2018 - Mary Preble

Cut paper collage © Mary Preble

A big thanks to our judges (Kidlit411 founders Elaine Kiely Kearns & Sylvia Liu, with the help of Teresa Robeson, Victoria Warneck, Renee LaTulippe & Yvonne Mes). 


And here are all the entries, in alphabetical order (If yours is missing, please let us know. We saw every entry but may have missed putting them up on this post). Congrats to all!

© Katherine Ahmed

© Priscilla Alpaugh

© Angie Archer
© Meg Auchenbach

© Pen Avey

© Heather Bell

© Shurie Bocanegra

© Adriana Bergstrom

© Lynnor Bontigao

© Richard Cartwright

© Rachel Ayoung Chee
© Helena Chu

© Justin Cline

© Sherilyn Cook

© Jaclyn Crawford

© Amanda Davis

© Tori DeLeon

© Briony Dixon
© Briony Dixon

© Kearen Enright

© Danielle Fontaine
© Jack Foster

© Kara Frost

© Jennifer Gibson

© Kelly Gillow

©Andy Gray

© Lisa M. Griffin

© Patrick Guidon

© Brenda Harris

© Stephanie Hider

© Helen N. Hill

© Rebecca Hirsch
© Akemi Ito

© Carrie Karnes-Fannin

© Michelle Kogan

© Lisa Konkol

© Jen Kostman

© Stephanie Lau

© Sussu Leclerc

© Kerrie Leer

© Hayley Lowe

© Scott Monaco

© Colleen Muske

© Sarah Momo Romero

© Christina Rowe

© Stefan Stamenkovich

© Traci Van Wagoner

© Donna Warwick
© Emily Wayne

© Nancy Whitesides

© Valeria Wicker



  1. OMG I love all of these!!! Thank you for the chance to enter, it was fun and seeing all of them is even more fun. Congrats to the winners.

  2. What a visual feast! Every one a winner. I have no idea how you chose.

  3. Wow!! There are so many amazing entires for this. It was so much fun, thanks for the opportunity!

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  9. These are incredible. I'm floored by all the talent. Thank you for sharing all the entries with your Kidlit 411 readers. That was fun!

  10. Wow! You artist folks amaze and delight me! What a difficult choice for the judges - so many fun, beautiful, whimsical banners! Congratulations to all of you on a job well done!

  11. What a glorious exercise in birds on a wire and other various executions. Well done everyone!!

  12. Big congratulations to all the winners! Love the choice for 1st place!

  13. How did you ever choose? What a wonderful collection of art. Envious of the talents of all the contributors. Winners all!!!!!

  14. So many talented artists! I can't imagine how hard it was to choose but I do love the new banner!

  15. Beautiful! Congratulations to the winners and everyone who submitted a banner. You are all outstanding artists.

  16. These are beautiful. Very talented artists.

  17. Wow! So many of these are absolutely amazing! I don't know how the heck you chose honorable mentions and such. Some truly outstanding work here. I'd like to mention some of my own personal favorites but there are far too many. Good work, everyone.

  18. Beautiful, colorful, fun, ..... !

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