Cover Reveal: CAT LADIES

August 5, 2019

We have a cover reveal today: CAT LADIES by Susi Schaefer (Abrams Books), her author-illustrator debut, coming out April 2020!  Cover design by Steph Stillwell.


Princess keeps very busy taking care of her ladies: Molly, Millie, Maridl, and Merthel. She has them properly trained. She makes sure they stay groomed and glam. And she takes them on errands so they don’t buy the wrong treats. But one day a mysterious stray appears: There is a little girl in Princess’s favorite napping spot! Princess storms off to find an even better spot for her catnap when she runs into trouble. When the stray comes to her rescue, Princess realizes maybe she could make room for a fifth lady...after proper training, of course.

About the Susi Schaefer:

Susi Schaefer trained as a glass painter in the medieval town of Rattenberg, Austria, before moving to Southern California to study graphic design. She’s the illustrator of Zoo Zen by Kristen Fischer. Cat Ladies is her author-illustrator debut. She lives in North Tustin, California, with her family.


A Bonus One-Question Interview for Susi: How does illustrating a cover differ from interior spreads?

I think of illustrating a cover as creating an invitation to come and have a closer look. Whereas on the interior pages, the story stretches and unfolds.

For the CAT LADIES cover, I chose to have Princess surrounded by her ladies, so that it is immediately apparent that she enjoys being the center of their world. The interior explores what happens when that established dynamic gets disrupted. 

A cover illustration has to show enough to get a reader’s attention without giving too much away. Also, it has to look good when shrunken down to the size of a postage stamp, something that is not a big concern for interior pages.

Many thanks to the talented book designer, Steph Stillwell, for her keen eye and her perfect choice for the typeface.

Pre-order your copy!

And a fun cover reveal video:


  1. This couldn't be more fun! Congrats.

  2. Love the cover and how fun yo made Princess's ladies look. They appear quirky and full of personality. I could imagine that might be older as most cat ladies are, so I like your POV of "older." BRAVO. Plus, the cat is purr-rect. Congrats.

  3. Very cute cover. Her girls remind me of the "Golden Girls" so I'm curious if they're friends, relatives etc. Princess looks perfectly coiffed like the ladies.

  4. Love the premise! And the cover illustration is a perfect attention-grabber. Congrats!

  5. LOVE cats! And I could so be one of Princess's ladies! Can't wait to read this one. Congratulations!

  6. Brilliant, way to appeal to the masses, there are so many cat lovers out there that will just have to buy this for their children, nieces, nephews etc :)

  7. I can't thank you enough for the lovely comments :)


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