Illustrator Spotlight: Ratchanee Youngsuk

© Ratchanee Youngsuk

Dec. 1, 2019

On the first of each month in 2019, we feature an illustrator who won or placed in our Kidlit411 banner contest, and we switch our website banner and Facebook page cover image. Today we present  Ratchanee Youngsuk and her work.

© Ratchanee Youngsuk

Tell us about yourself and how you came to illustrate for children.

I have been interested in design since I was young. I was inspired by my father. From a young age, I liked watching him draw and paint, and these things made me start drawing as well. Upon graduating, I was a web and graphic designer for an online retailer and later as a web designer for an interactive company.

© Ratchanee Youngsuk
I participated in many projects, in which I worked as a visual image designer on a small team with various clients and brands. It was during this work that I became fascinated with the world of illustration, especially children’s illustration. Then, I decided to enroll in the Academy of Art University to help me build on my illustration skills and develop my style.

© Ratchanee Youngsuk

Congrats on your Kidlit411 banner design. Tell us how you approached this project.

Thank you so much. I came across with this opportunity on Facebook. I always find information on the Kidlit411 website. It’s helpful for illustrators and writers

© Ratchanee Youngsuk

I picked the birds on the wire theme because the birds live in groups. Kidlit411is a platform to share information for children’s writers and illustrators. Also they connect others to share creativities. In my banner, I would like to show the birds' community- it represents Kidlit411. Those birds represent writers and illustrators who loving reading, painting writing and sharing information. The branches mean connection between writers and illustrators into Kidlit411.

What is your illustration process?  

For my paining process, I started with my draft sketches. Then, I chose a color palette and finish the final.

© Ratchanee Youngsuk

What projects are you working on now?

I’ve been illustrating on a new picture book with my client. Apart from being illustrator, I would like to be an author/illustrator for picture children books. I started my personal project. I’m taking writing online class. I practice my writing, read books as much as I can and observe the children market.

© Ratchanee Youngsuk

What is one thing most people don't know about you?

I have a passion for running. I recently finished my third half marathon and my next goal is to finish full marathon.

© Ratchanee Youngsuk


Where can people find you online?
My new website:  Instagram:

Ratchanee Youngsuk is a full-time illustrator. After graduating with a BFA, she was a web and graphic designer for an interactive company. She became more fascinated with illustration, especially children’s illustration during she worked as a visual image design. Then, she decided to enroll in the Academy of Art University to help me build on my illustration skills. Her career as a children’s book illustrator began in 2016. She had had a chance to work on children’s books- she loves storytelling though illustrations and creating character design. She now lives in Thailand with her family and dogs. She enjoys reading and traveling.


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