2020 Kidlit411 Banner Contest Winners

© Elspeth Alix Batt

Sept. 28, 2020

WOW. Simply wow!

We were blown away by the amazing banner designs that came in and it was SO hard to pick the winners. 

We finally narrowed down the twelve banners we will use in 2021, with the first two winning cash prizes, and all of the artists getting an Illustrator Spotlight during the month they will be featured. There were so many great banners that we might also use some for 2022, with Illustrator Spotlights to go with them (so you may still hear from us next year).

Congratulations to all!

FIRST PLACE ($150): Elspeth Alix Batt

Elspeth Alix Batt is our first place winner! We love the colors and design of this banner, the visual interest that moves the eye from foreground to background, and the sense of adventure and fun. Elspeth is a freelance illustrator, designer, and artist from Auckland, New Zealand. The image was created digitally with handmade textures. Her banner will be featured in January 2021 along with an Illustrator Spotlight.

SECOND PLACE ($100): John Ledda

Our second place winner is John Ledda! We love this banner's focus on reading and discovery in outer space with alien cephalopods and kid explorers. John is an illustrator and graphic designer from San Franciso, and his banner will be featured in February 2021 along with an Illustrator Spotlight. The image was created on an iPad Pro using Procreate.


The following ten honorable mention banners will be featured the rest of 2021. They are not ranked in any order of preference; we chose them for each month roughly based on how they might fit with that month's vibe.  

March 2021: Lisa Wee Eng Cheng

digital color pencil © Lisa Wee Eng Cheng

April 2021: Mary Toth

watercolor and pencil © Mary Toth

May 2021: Lisa Konkol

pencil, ink & digital © Lisa Konkol

June 2021: Gila Von Meissner

digital/ Procreate © Gila Von Meissner

July 2021: Margie Yoder

watercolor © Margie Yoder

August 2021: Jo Renfro

September 2021: Leila Nabih

pencil sketch & digital color © Leila Nabih

October 2021: Lisa Burvant

digital watercolor and ink © Lisa Burvant

November 2021: Aixa Perez-Prado

ink, collage, Photoshop © Aixa Perez-Prado

December 2021: Maryam Khalifah

Procreate, watercolor brushes & black drawing pencil© Maryam Khalifah

GALLERY OF BANNERS (alphabetical order)

Thank you all those who entered. If we missed putting your banner up in this gallery, please drop us a line and we'll post it here (don't worry, we did see all the entries).

© Traci Allison

© Jenny Alvarado

© Heather Bell

© Marcia Berneger

© Faye Birkin

© Cayleen Blackmore

© Catherine Brewer

© Edna Cabcabin Moran

© Sarah Holden

© Milani Hunt

© Bonnie Kelso

© Johanna Kim

© Lalou Lana Lounsbury

© Hollie Michaels


  1. These banners are phenomenal! Congratulations, one and all, because every single entry shows amazing talent and vision.

  2. Oh, my. How could you ever choose. These are all spectacular!

  3. What a lovely assortment of banners, each unique and beautiful in its own right. It must have been hard to choose.

  4. For me best Martina Peškar-Rusznak

  5. Love all the banners. There is so much talent and each is amazing.

  6. What a fun contest! Bravo to all the winners, and to Kidlit411!

  7. Wow! I would never be able to choose a favorite! Wonderful! Congrats to all creators!

  8. What a bright spot in my day! These are amazing!!! And it’s amazing that you chose winners! What a tough job!

  9. Love these all!!! Congrats to all on these amazing banners!

  10. Outstanding talents! What a visual treat!

  11. Wow, so much talent. Great job, one and all!!


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