2022 Kidlit411 Banner Contest Winners

 Nov. 26, 2021

Every year, we are blown away by the amazing great banner designs that come in, and this year was no different.  

We finally narrowed down the twelve banners we will use in 2022, with the first two winning cash prizes, and all of the artists getting an Illustrator Spotlight during the month they will be featured.  

Congratulations to all!

FIRST PLACE ($150):  Linh My Nguyen

© Lynh My Nguyen

Linh My Nguyen is our first place winner! We love the warm colors and dreamy design filled with magic and adventure. Lynn is a children's illustrator born and raised in Vietnam and currently living in Southern California. The image was created digitally on an iPad. Her banner will be featured in January 2022 along with an Illustrator Spotlight.

SECOND PLACE ($100): Rafael Macho

© Rafael Macho

Our second place winner is Rafael Macho! We love the quirky birds reading books and enjoying life. Rafael is an author and illustrator and motion graphics director. His banner will be featured in February 2022 along with an Illustrator Spotlight. This banner was created digitally on Photoshop.  


The following ten honorable mention banners will be featured the rest of 2022. They are not ranked in any order of preference; we chose them for each month roughly based on how they might fit with that month's vibe.  

March 2022: Caiti Chase Massey

© Caiti Chase Massey / digital

April 2022: 
Holly Stone-Barker

© Holly Stone-Barker / cut paper collage

May 2022: Audrey Suau

© Audrey Suau / digital

June 2022: Polina Poluektova

© Polina Poluektova/ watercolor + digital

July 2022: Ariana Padron

© Ariana Padron/ digital

August 2022: Noémi Gionet Landry

September 2022: Nancy Colle

© Nancy Colle / mixed media

October 2022: Kelly Mangan

© Kelly Mangan  / watercolor, ink + digital

November 2022: Danielle Heitmuller

© Danielle Heitmuller / watercolor + ink, digitally composited

December 2022: Kathryn Rammell

© Kathryn Rammell / digital


  1. It's so interesting to see illustrators' hugely varying responses to a prompt. My curiosity is piqued; I'd love to see them all.

  2. Wow, what a wonderful selection! Congrats to all!

  3. Such great work by everyone - Congratulations to all!


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