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© Holly Stone-Barker

April 1, 2022 vol.13 

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Author & Illustrator Spotlights

We are pleased to feature illustrator Holly Stone-Barker and her Kidlit411 website banner design! She placed in our recent contest.

© Holly Stone-Barker

We are excited to feature author Catherine Bailey and her recent picture book, Hustle Bustle Bugs, illustrated by Lauren Eldridge (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, February 22, 2022). Enter to win a copy!


We are pleased to host the giveaway of the chapter book, The Legend of Lop-Eared Larry, by Hester Applebee (pen name for Natasha Wing), illustrated by Brittany David (Wing Books, Jan. 2022). Enter to win a copy!

About the Book: Larry the rabbit was born with floppy ears. He's an outcast until his ears save the village's Easter celebration and Lop-eared Larry becomes a legend throughout the land. Includes a carrot cake recipe.


 About the Author: Hester Applebee (pen name for Natasha Wing) grew up in the country where bunnies nibble sweet grass. She learned to color Easter eggs from her grandmother using natural dyes from flowers, spices and vegetables. Miss Applebee wrote this story for her nephew, Georgie, who shares her love for Easter. 


About the Illustrator: Brittany David adventures in the garden whenever possible. She loves picking peonies and observing the lives of little critters. Her love for rabbits stemmed from childhood books, and adopting a Holland Lop as a young adult. Brittany both illustrated and hand-lettered this book.


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  1. This sounds fun to read with a universal message.

  2. Looking forward to reading these books!


  3. I am an avid reader and always wanted to be a published author. I worked one year to write my first novel. When I approached a publisher, Along with other stats the number of reviews on my book mattered. I used to get 100+ reviews. This immensely helped me get a traditional publisher. Now I am also looking to sell movie rights for my novel to a medium sized studio in Hollywood.

  4. Love your illustrations, Holly!

    Congratulations, Hester and Brittany! Larry looks adorable!


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