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 Jan. 6, 2023 vol. 1

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Cover Reveal!

We are excited to host a cover reveal for the picture book, Pop's Perfect Present, by Corey Finkle, illustrated by Lenny Wen (Henry Holt), coming out on May 9, 2023! Isn't it awesome?

About the Book: The best dad ever deserves the best day ever. When a young girl tries to find the perfect present for her pop, her best intentions go awry. The fishing trip is a flop, baseball is a bust, and making chili is a mistake. Nothing works out the way she wants it to. 

But it turns out, the best gift of all could be a day spent together. 


About the Author: Corey Finkle is an author and creative director whose perfect day with his kids would include baking, baseball, and board games. He is the author of Your Future is Bright. Originally from Gloversville, New York, he currently lives in Providence, Rhode Island with his family. Visit him anytime at 


About the Illustrator: Lenny Wen loves to draw whimsical, spooky, and heartwarming illustrations. Born and raised in Indonesia, Lenny now lives in Austria with her husband. She is the illustrator of Halloween is Coming! by Cal Everett, Old Friends by Margaret Aitken, and How We Say I Love You by Nicole Chen. Spicy Spicy Hot! is her author-illustrator debut. Lenny invites you to visit her at or follow her on Instagram @lunartcy



Illustrator Spotlight

We are excited to feature illustrator Carolina Pedraza and her website banner design for Kidlit411! 

© Carolina Pedraza

Middle Grade Giveaway

We are excited to host a giveaway of two middle grade books by Shawn Peters, The Unforgettable Logan Foster (HarperCollins 2022), and The Unforgettable Logan Foster and the Shadow of the Doubt (HarperCollins, Jan. 3, 2023). Enter to win a copy of both books in the Rafflecopter below!

About the Books: Logan Foster is a 12-year-old, neurodivergent orphan with an eidetic memory and zero filter, so he has no expectation of ever being adopted. Instead, he’s happy to spend most of his time online searching for the anonymous sibling he believes he has and watching funny cat videos. But when a seemingly nice couple named Gil and Margie foster him, everything changes. They’re clearly hiding something from him, and with the help of his cool, older neighbor, Elena, he sets out to discover what it is. But he could never have guessed the truth. Gil and Margie are actually superheroes, and the family is being hunted by super villains and a multi-national authority that is charge of all superhumans on the planet. In this two-book series, Logan has to navigate everything from learning to be part of family to surviving epic battles to dealing with forever being the “weird new kid” at school. But along the way, Logan learns that sometimes being a hero means just being yourself.

About the Author: Shawn Peters has written professionally for television and advertising for more than two decades. His debut middle grade novel, “The Unforgettable Logan Foster,” was published by HarperCollins in January 2022. The highly anticipated sequel, “The Unforgettable Logan Foster and the Shadow of Doubt,” was released on January 3, 2023. Shawn is married to a super­hero public school teacher and is also a father of two kids who are now both too old for his books or his jokes. Basically, he’s a suburban-dad trope-fest. After years of coaching his kids’ teams and playing old-man softball, he now spends his spare time jogging slowly, comparing IPAs with other dads, and making ultra-nerdy Dungeons and Dragons puns. Follow him @shawntweeters. 


Congrats, Shawn, on the recent of release of the second book!

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Picture Book Giveaway

We are pleased to host a giveaway of the picture book, Love... is Everywhere, by Alyssa Londoño, illustrated by John Konecny (Nico 11 Publishing and Design 2022). Enter to win a copy in the Rafflecopter below!

About the Book: In this story, we follow a young girl on her journey at finding love in everyday things. She realizes that love is not just one thing, but it is all around's everywhere. Have you ever had a dance party in your living room? How about jumping in puddles while it is still raining outside? These are just some of the things our main character cherishes. Through all of this she learned that love is universal, something that we can feel every single day, everywhere we go. Join her on her journey!

About the Author: Alyssa Londoño lives in New York with her husband, two beautiful children, and cat, Toby. Alyssa’s passion for writing started as a young girl. She has always been an avid reader which inspired her to want to create her own stories, ones she wanted out in the world. She has been an elementary school teacher for 11 years and her teaching background has helped her study children’s literature (in addition to all the hours of reading she has done with her twins). This helped to continue to foster her passion for reading and writing.


About the Illustrator: John Konecny lives in Muskego, Wisconsin, with his wife, kids, and dog. John has been illustrating since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He blends classic techniques with modern approaches to create a unique look and feel in his work. John’s affinity for storytelling keeps his passion for book illustration going for any and all authors.

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  1. Great post! I love the concept of love is everywhere - good reminder for us all.

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  4. I'm so excited to read the second book of Logan Foster. I loved book one.

  5. I love The Unforgettable Logan Foster. Would love a copy for my school. Thank you for a chance.

  6. Looking forward to reading the Logan Foster series!

  7. I love the fun idea of the series! My son is neurodiverse and he would have LOVED these books as a kid, but there were no characters like Logan then. Congratulations! I really enjoyed this interview.

  8. Enjoyed reading The Unforgettable Logan Foster. I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

  9. Love the cover on Pop's Perfect Present. And Love Is Everywhere brings a great message for kids and adults too.


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