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May 12, 2023 vol. 19

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Picture Book Giveaway

We are pleased to host a giveaway of the picture book, Cave Girl's Big Idea, by Laura Seely-Pollack, illustrated by Alexandra Colombo (Reycraft Books) out on May 15. Enter to win a copy via the Rafflecopter below.

About the Book: Cave girl doesn’t like living in a cave. She knows there must be a better way, so she sketches, studies, stacks and shazam! She finds a solution! But what will happen when she shares her big idea with her family? Can cave girl get her family out of the Stone Age, or will she be stuck in a cramped, cold cave forever?


Cave Girl’s Big Idea uses humor to deliver the message that just because things have always been one way, doesn’t mean they can’t change for the better.  Cave girl takes control of her own circumstances and isn’t afraid to think outside of the cave!


About the Author: Laura Seely-Pollack likes to come up with big ideas…like writing this book! She does not live in a cave, although she secretly thinks that would be pretty cool! Laura lives in New Jersey with her three awesome kids and her one super husband. And while she has yet to get a pet snake, she does have two cats and two dogs. This is her first book.


About the Illustrator: Alexandra Colombo lives in Italy in a house full of animals. She loves walking in the woods with her dog, Ary. She has illustrated more than 200 children’s books around the world and hasn’t run out of ideas yet…


Order a copy here!

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Picture Book Giveaway 2

We are pleased to host a giveaway of the picture book, When I Was Your Age, by Danette Byatt (Worthy Kids/Hachette Group), out now! Enter to win a copy via the Rafflecopter below.

About the Book:
Peer into the future and reminisce about the present with this sci-fi picture book that speculates about a hopeful someday for today’s children. 


Are you ready for a futuristic trip down memory lane? In this imaginative picture book, a grandmother reminisces to her grandchild Indigo about her childhood, back when humans lived on Earth and children biked to school instead of teleporting. On the new planet, robots do chores, telepathy has replaced texting, and cakes are 3D-printed. Each clever parallel between the past and present reveals both sweet similarities and stark differences. And though things are vastly different in this marvel-filled future, there is one thing that remains the same: the future is still bright.


About the Author-Illustrator: Danette Byatt lives in Kitchener, Ontario, where she writes, illustrates, and designs all sorts of fun projects when she’s not out hiking, swimming and exploring — or burning up the dance floor (aka her living room). Danette’s favorite stories to tell contain uplifting messages of love, truth, and freedom. She also adds delightful small details, humor, and whimsy to everything she does. More about Danette and her creations can be found at You can also follow her @danettebyatt on Instagram


Order a copy now from your favorite retailer.

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May 8- June 19 May Mix and Match Mini Writing Challenge
What: Each Monday for seven weeks, post a 100-word story based on the writing prompt provided by Susanna Leonard Hill


  1. These both look great! Thank you for sharing!

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