Kidlit411 Banner Design Winners for 2024

© Jan Dolby


Nov. 26, 2023

As always, we were blown away by the banner designs we received from our banner design contest! 

We narrowed down the twelve banners we will use in 2024, with the first three winning cash prizes, and all of the artists getting an Illustrator Spotlight during the month they will be featured.  

Congratulations to all!

FIRST PLACE ($175)   

© Jan Dolby

Jan Dolby is our first place winner! We love the color palette and fun design filled with whimsy and energy. Jan Dolby is a freelance children’s illustrator and graphic designer based in Aurora, Ontario Canada. Jan is internationally published and has a vast amount of technical and graphic design experience. She has two loves. One is her family including her wiener dog Margaret and the second is drawing for children. The image was made from watercolor scans and using Photoshop. Her banner will be featured in January 2024 along with an Illustrator Spotlight.


Second place goes to Lisa Wee Eng Cheng. We loved her colorful and chaotic design filled with fun, excitement, and the love of books. Lisa

specializes in diversity and inclusion and is committed to creating illustrations that reflect and celebrate the diversity of our society. Her design will be featured in February 2024 along with an Illustrator Spotlight.


© Moira Ratchford

Our third place winner is Moira Ratchford. We love the quirky birds reading books, the mischievous cat, and the overall palette. Moira is an author-illustrator whose vibrant, humorous work seeks to forge an emotional connection with the reader and to make kids smile. She is a huge fan of birds, pumpkin waffles, and those awkward moments that remind us that we are all just human beings trying to figure things out.

Her banner will be featured in March 2024 along with an Illustrator Spotlight. This banner was created with watercolors and digitally on Photoshop.  


The following nine honorable mention banners will be featured the rest of 2024. They are not ranked in any order of preference; we chose them for each month roughly based on how they might fit with that month's vibe.  

April 2024: Nicola Schofield

© Nicola Scofield painted digitally

May 2024: Deana Sobel Leberman

© Deana Sobel Leberman made digitally via Procreate

June 2024: Huong Nguyen

July 2024: Abigail Rae

© Abigail RaFaber Castell Pitt Graphite Matt Pencils & blending stump
two Prismacolor pencils and India Ink wash

August 2024: Elizabeth Sparg

© Elizabeth Sparg acrylic gouache and pencil

September 2024: Miranda Barnes

© Miranda Barnesacrylic paint and a Gelli plate to print patterns onto colored
and recycled papers; paper bird/book shapes; white gouache and black gel pen

October 2024: Sarah Dolan

© Sarah Dolan digital using Photoshop

November 2024: Colleen Kong Savage

© Colleen Kong Savage digital using Procreate

December 2024: Farnaz Nadim

© Farnaz Nadim digital


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