Marketing & Creating a Platform

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Maybe you're a published author. Maybe you're a writer trying to get published. Either way, you're going to need a platform. If you're looking to build a platform, you've come to the right place! 

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Oct. 1 8:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m. Ready, Set, Debut  With a focus on pragmatic and actionable advice, Courtney Maum will empower debuting authors with the knowledge they’ll need to make the most of their first publishing experience. From tips on pre-pub communication with your editorial team to navigating the stormy waters of self-promotion and prepping for interviews (both virtual and IRL), the author of BEFORE AND AFTER THE BOOK DEAL will deliver been-there-made-that-mistake wisdom in her signature heartfelt, candid style. (Note: this is an affiliate link for Kidlit411)

What is a Platform & How to Build One

The New Author's Platform: What Writer's Need to Know  

Life Post-Publication

Josh Funk Shares Powerhouse Marketing Strategies

The Ultimate Guide to Book Marketing  

How to Promote a Young Adult Novel on Social Media

7 Ways to Market Books to Children

Pointers from two Publicity & Marketing Experts

Need to Ask an Author for a Blurb? Here's the Secret Formula to Yes

3 Do's for Getting Reviews (and 4 Don'ts)

Before You Market Your Book, Set Your Objectives 

How to Amplify a BookBub Deal as a Traditionally Published Author

Overcoming the 7 Marketing Struggles Every Author Faces

Should I Use a Pen Name?

Blurbing and Being Blurbed

Marketing Tips for Reaching Your First Readers from David Gaughran

How Writers Should Choose Their Pseudonyms

Making a Simple Book Trailer Using iMovie

Katya Stec: Book Trailers & Narration Service for Authors (sample reels here)

How to Make an Awesome Book Trailer (and Why!)

3 Things Your Traditional Publisher is Unlikely to Do

18 Ideas for a Successful Book Launch

Don't Stop with the Book Launch

The Truth About Book Launches

Book Marketing: A Blueprint for your Book Launch

Cover Reveal Checklist: How to Run One & What to Update After

Debut Author Lessons

Debut Year Tips (Twitter thread)

Virtual Book Launch Events: 8 Ideas from Authors

How to Set up a Book Tour: Part 1

Reaching Readers: Engaging Kids at Book Events

The Art of the Cover Reveal

Giveaways to Market a Book

Video Idiot Boot Camp with Katie Davis If you're a writer, you need to be making videos. Think it's hard? Well, Katie Davis assures us that it is not, in her Video Boot Camp!

Making a Living

How Writers Can Earn More

Julie Hedlund's- How To Make Money As a Writer


Create Your Writer Platform, by Chuck Sambuchino

Debut/Marketing Year Groups

Roaring Twenties: YA & MG authors debuting in 2020 #roaring20s

Soaring Twenties: debut trade PB authors in 2020 #soaringPB20s

Perfect2020PBs: debut PB authors in 2020 #Perfect2020PBs

2020 Debut Crew: debut PBs in 2020 #2020DebutCrew

2020VisionsPBs: PB authors in 2020 #2020visionsPBs

2020 Comeback Crew: new releases from your favorite PB, CB, and MG authors & illustrators in 2020

YA + MG 2020 Graduate Students: Facebook support group for kid lit authors with non-debut books coming out in 2020

New Readers Rock 2020: authors & illustrators of chapter books, graphic novels, and other works for early readers coming out in 2020

The21ders: traditionally published MG & YA authors debuting in 2021 #The21ders

2021 Picture Book Debuts: traditionally published picture book authors & illustrators debuting in 2021

2021 Picture Book Scribblers: picture book creators publishing in 2021 #pbscribblers2021

Picture Book Debut Troupe 21: 14 debut picture book authors

Picture Book Playground: picture book authors and illustrators with books releasing in 2021 and 2022

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