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Places to Go, People to (Virtually) See

A writer or illustrator's platform involves social media. Mastering social media can be difficult, but these articles can help you navigate the terrain. Also, check out our section on Marketing & Creating a Platform.

Handy Tools

Social Media Image Resizing Tool 

72 Free Image Sources for Authors

Social Media In General

Not sure how to Approach Social Media? CARE about your Readers

Three Ways to Selling More Books with Social Media

Social Media for Children's and Adult's Books: Who Posts Where?

How to Crush it on Social Media as an Introvert

Infographic: 5 Actionable Social Media Tips for Authors

Writing Your Author Bio is a Challenging Writing Task

5 Little Changes That'll Make a Big Difference in Your Social Media Presence



Join our KIDLIT411 Facebook Group to connect with other children's writers and illustrators

Why (Most) Authors Don't Need a Facebook Page


Debbie Ridpath Ohi's Twitter Guide for Authors & Illustrators  


Facetime*/Skype- Lots of authors are using Skype and FaceTime to conduct author visits these days. It's cheaper, and although you don't have the same intimacy as when an author is in house, children get excited about being able to "talk" to a live author. 

*FaceTime is for use ONLY with Apple products.

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