Critique Groups

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A critique group is a group of people that write and agree that they will read and "critique" each others manuscripts. Critique groups, when they work well, are heaven sent. We LOVE our critique group and would be lost without each of them. A critique group offers camaraderie, mutual respect, support and excellent critiquing. 

Forming a Critique Group

Helpful links about forming critique groups:

Critique Group Guidelines

Writers Network Sites -In this free online creative writing community, writers and poets can post their writing, get feedback and discuss writing-related topics in the forums and live chat rooms. 

"Why You Should Ignore Most of the Advice of Your Critique Group . . . but They Can Help You Anyway"


Places to Look for Critique Partners

KIDLIT411 Manuscript Swap Join our Facebook page and find people to swap critiques with. 

SCBWI Verla Kay Blue Boards is another place to find people in your genre that are interested in forming a critique group

Inked Voices, a paid service that connects people to online critique groups. Also includes workshops with agents. 

Sub it Club Critique Partner Matchup - a Facebook group to help find critique partners

The Writer's Match - a place for writers to connect

Professional Critiques

For professional critiques from people we recommend, check out our page, Freelance Authors/Editors & Critiques  A group of professionals who critique professionally. A huge community with something for everyone.

Rate Your Story - a free and paid service that will review your picture book manuscript at rate it on a scale of 1-10. Staffed by published and experienced authors.

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