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Forming a Critique Group


The 4 Hidden Dangers of Writing Groups

Tales of a Critique Ninja

Critique Groups (Part 2) by the GROG

Are You Critique Group Savvy?

Writing Groups 101: Which Kind is Right for You?

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What Makes a Critique Partner?

The Difference between Critique Partners and Beta Readers (and Why You Need Both)

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Finding and Building Your Writing Community

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Giving Critiques

How to Critique: Best Practices for Workshopping

The Two Basic Rules of Editing (and the Rookie Mistake)

The ABCs and 123s of Critique Groups

Posting Reviews When You're a Writer

Receiving Critiques

The Critique Conundrum

Navigating the Forest of Forest of Feedback: 8 Ways to Recognize Helpful Criticism (and how to Ignore the Rest)

Feedback: Too Much of a Good Thing

Critique Cheat Sheet

Places to Look for Critique Partners

KIDLIT411 Manuscript Swap Join our Facebook page and find people to swap critiques with. 

SCBWI Verla Kay Blue Boards is another place to find people in your genre that are interested in forming a critique group

Inked Voices, a paid service that connects people to online critique groups. Also includes workshops with agents. 

Sub it Club Critique Partner Matchup - a Facebook group to help find critique partners

The Writer's Match - a place for writers to connect

Finding Critique Partners

Are You Looking for a Critique Group or Partner?

Professional Critiques

For professional critiques from people we recommend, check out our page, Freelance Authors/Editors & Critiques  A group of professionals who critique professionally. A huge community with something for everyone.

Rate Your Story - a free and paid service that will review your picture book manuscript at rate it on a scale of 1-10. Staffed by published and experienced authors.

Marcie Colleen's Study Hall (month-long online critique group under guidance of professional, multi-published author)

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