The Weekly 411 (8/26/16)

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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016, issue #35

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This week we feature the second half of our 4 Author Spotlight: SARAH S. REIDA, KATHLEEN BURKINSHAW, JENNIE K. BROWN , MIKE GROSSO

Editors & Preditors - information about publishers or agents or other outfits to be wary of

Sept 6-Nov. 29 Workshop your YA Novel in a 4-5 person group with editor Tamra Tuller. Writers will share a total of three 5,000 word submissions. Discussion calls complement the critiques.

Sept. 28-Oct. 23 Workshop your PB & Easy Reader with agent Stephanie Fretwell-Hill  Join 9 other PB writers to critique each others' works as well as get feedback from agent Stephanie Fretwell-Hill


  1. Thanks for adding my agent blog post to this 411! :D


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