Kidlit411 Banner Illustration Contest 2020

© Sylvia Liu

May 20, 2020

Our website banner contest is back! Read on for the call for entries, our past winners and 2020 banners, and the official rules.


We invite you to design a website banner for Kidlit411 for temporary use on our website and Facebook group

Prizes include cash ($150 first place; $100 second place), an Illustrator Spotlight, and display of winning entries on our sites. We will pick twelve banners to display in 2021. 

The theme for the contest is (1) what you believe Kidlit411 is about or (2) your interpretation of our original birds on a wire theme. (If this is your first time here, we're a website for children's and YA authors and illustrators that shares information and resources and connects creatives to one another).

Our website gets over 35,000 page views a month, and our Facebook group has over 10,000 members. 

Entries are due by 11:59 p.m. EDT August 31, 2020.


This is our original banner that we used from 2014 to 2017:

© Sylvia Liu

In our contest for 2018 banners (theme: birds on a wire), our winning entry was from Hui Li (see the runners up here):

© Hui Li

In our contest for 2019 banners (open theme), our winning entry was from Natalie Banker (see the runners up here):

© Natalie Banker

We didn't hold a contest last year because we had so many great submissions the previous two years we continued to use them for 2020. We didn't run a round up post, so we present the 2020 banners now (yes, we love birds on a wire! and note some of the banners for later this year may be different or updated):

January - Nancy Whitesides

© Nancy Whitesides

February - Traci Van Wagoner

© Traci Van Wagoner

© Lynnor Bontigao

© Stephanie Hider

© Kearen Enright

June - Kara Frost

© Kara Frost

July - Hayley Lowe

August - Colleen Muske

September - Cheryl Pilgrim

© Cheryl Pilgrim

October - Akemi Ito

© Akemi Ito

November - Joni Nemeth

© Joni Nemeth

December:  Lisa M. Griffin

© Lisa M. Griffin


What: Design a website banner (and optionally, a Facebook cover photo) for Kidlit411. 
  • Must include our name, Kidlit411  
  • Theme: what Kidlit411 means to you, or birds on a wire 

Website Banner:  3300 x 825 pixels, at 300 dpi (high resolution) JPG, 11 in x 2.75 in  

FB cover photo: 1640 x 859 pixels, at 300 dpi JPG, about 5.4 in x 2.8 in.
  • Note: designing a FB banner is optional. If you do, leave the bottom 1/2 inch free of text or important features, because it will not show up on a computer (it will show up on mobile)
  • If you win or place honorable mention, and you haven't submitted a FB cover photo, we will use your banner design.

Who is eligible: anybody over age thirteen


1st place: $150, plus your banner (and FB cover image) will be displayed for at least a month on our website (and FB page), with a credit, as well as an Illustrator Spotlight (if we haven't featured you already)

2nd place: $100, plus your banner (and FB cover image) will be displayed for at least a month on our website (and FB page), with a credit, as well as an Illustrator Spotlight (if we haven't featured you already)

Honorable mentions: your banner (and FB cover image) will be displayed for at least a month on our website (and FB page), with a credit, plus an Illustrator Spotlight (if we haven't featured you already)

All entries: may be posted in a round up/summary post, with links to your portfolio (with your permission) 

We reserve the right not to award prizes or pick 12 banners. You retain copyrights to all your images. If you are a winner or honorable mention, you give us a right to use your image as a website banner or FB cover photo for at least a month.

How to Submit

1) Email images to kidlit411 (at) kidlit411 (dot) com, with the subject line: "2020 Kidlit411 Banner Contest."

2) Name your files: "first name.last name.KL411 Banner" or "first name.last name.KL411FB" You must include your full name in the file name or run the risk of your entry getting lost.

3) Include the following in your cover email:
  • Name
  • Website (or portfolio or other site)
  • Twitter and Instagram handle (if you have one)
  • Medium used
  • Whether you give permission for your image to be used in a round up/results post
We will acknowledge receipt. If you haven't received one after a week, please follow up. 


The entries will be judged by the Kidlit411 Team (Elaine Kiely Kearns and Sylvia Liu).

Deadline: 11:59 p.m. EDT, August 31, 2020


Email us or leave a comment below. 

Good luck!


  1. Hi Elaine and Sylvia, do you have a sense of when we can expect results? I just like to put those on my calendar :)Thank you!

    1. We'll make a decision and announce in September, but we don't know the exact timing. Good luck!

  2. Thank you ELaine and Sylvia for having this contest. I just realized one of my pictures did not have the .jpg ending and wouldn't open, so I mailed it again in a reply message. Hope you are both well.


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