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March 4, 2022, vol. 9

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Author Spotlights

We are thrilled to feature our great friend, author, and poet RenĂ©e LaTulippe and her debut picture book, The Crab Ballet (Cameron Kids), out March 8! Enter to win a copy!

We are excited to feature author Lillie Lainoff and her debut YA novel, One For All (Farrar, Straus & Giroux BYR), out on March 8. Enter to win a copy!

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Tribute to Paula Cohen Martin

Last week, Paula Cohen, a shining light in the kid lit community known for her "wit, humor, and vivacious personality" passed away suddenly. In honor of her life, we are hosting a giveaway of her debut picture book, Big Dreams, Small Fish, which came out on March 1. Read about her in this post by Lynn Marie and Amalia Hoffman, 

Remembering Paula Cohen Martin.

About the Book: In the new country, Shirley and her family all have big dreams. Take the family store: Shirley has great ideas about how to make it more modern! Prettier! More profitable! She even thinks she can sell the one specialty no one seems to want to try: Mama's homemade gefilte fish. But her parents think she's too young to help. And anyway they didn't come to America for their little girl to work. "Go play with the cat!" they urge. This doesn't stop Shirley's ideas, of course. And one day, when the rest of the family has to rush out leaving her in the store with sleepy Mrs. Gottlieb.Shirley seizes her chance!

About the Author-Illustrator: Paula Cohen grew up in Albany, NY where her grandparents owned a small family grocery store in an immigrant neighborhood. Her family treasured books, music, and the Yiddish language (which sadly she never learned). Her grandmother made amazing kugels and gefilte fish and luckily Paula learned to make both. Paula lived in NJ with her family and mini schnauzer. Big Dreams, Small Fish was her debut picture book.



  1. It will be so fun to read about Shirley's big dreams!

  2. Kid Lit lost an incredible and inspiring talent. Thank you for the chance to win a copy of her debut book.

  3. I love this newsletter. I wish I had enough time to participate in everything!

  4. Paula's book looks wonderful! I can't wait to read it. I am sorry the world will be missing more from this talented author.

  5. What an inspiring writer! I'm sorry that we have lost Paula and her stories. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am so excited to read and own a copy of The Crab Ballet! The cover is so fantastic and dreamy!

    I'm sorry for the loss of Paula. Thinking of her loved ones and the kidlit community. I look forward to reading her debut picture book. She has left a beautiful, everylasting mark on the kidlit and picture book universe with her picture book that kids and adults will enjoy for years to come.

  7. Just heartbreaking to lose Paula the week of such a personal debut.


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