The Weekly 411 (7/1/22)


© Ariana Padron

July 1, 2022 vol 26

The Weekly 411 gathers all the links added to Kidlit411 each week. To receive this post by email, sign up for our email updatesAre you on Facebook? Join our Kidlit411 group for conversations and camaraderie. This week's illustration is by Ariana Padron.

Illustrator Spotlight

We are excited to feature illustrator Ariana Padron and her banner design for Kidlit411's website. 

© Ariana Padron

Author Spotlights

We are pleased to feature author Derrick Chow and his debut middle-grade novel, Ravenous Things (Disney-Hyperion (July 26, 2022)). Enter to win a copy!

cover art by Violet Tobacco; design by Joann Hill

We are pleased to feature author Ana Gracia and her debut young adult novel, Boys I Know   (Penguin Random House), out on July 26, 2022. Enter to win a copy!

Cover image: designed by Kelley Brady, illustrated by Fevik


  1. Great interview, David! Ravenous Things has moved to the top of my TBR list as of this moment.

  2. Boys I Know sounds so relevant to today and I can't wait to read it! Congrats, Anna!


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