The Weekly 411 (5/20/16)

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Friday, May 20, 2016, Issue #21

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This week we feature Jason Kirschner, debut author & illustrator of MR PARTICULAR. Be sure to enter his giveaway!

How Young Adults Can Use Tumblr to Reach Their Readers

Five Ways To Make Your School Visit Interactive

8 on Eight (every month, deadline end of each month)

  • What: Submit your opening 8 lines of your PB, MG, or YA ms
  • Prize: Winner's entry will be posted on blog & critiqued by eight members of The Winged Pen

May 20 Query Kombat

  • What: submit your query & first 250 words of your MG, YA, NA, or adult novel for a chance to compete bracket-style to catch agents' attention
  • Prize: Agent requests

June 9  #PitMad
  • What: Tweet pitch your PB, MG, CB, YA, NA works up to three times
  • PrizeI: Attention and requests from agents

July 10 Picture Book Party in July
  • What: Submit two pitches for finished PB manuscripts and also participate in Twitter #PBPparty 
  • Prize: agent requests for your manuscript
  • What: Submit your PB manuscript addressing the needs of children of color. Themes of nontraditional family structure, disability and gender identity also accepted.
  • Who: Authors of color who have not published a picture book (unagented manuscripts only). Manuscript may not be under submission elsewhere to publishers, contests, or mentorships
  • Prize: $1,000 plus a standard publication contract
Oct. 31 New Visions Award
  • What: Submit your MG or YA novel addressing themes that children or teens of color can relate to. Also open to LGBQT and differently abled themes
  • Who: Authors of color who have not previously published an MG & YA novel (unagented manuscripts only) 
  • Prize: $1,000 plus standard publication contract


  1. This was a fun post to read. Thanks for sharing. I want to read this particular book. :)


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