The Weekly 411 (8/19/16)

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Friday, Aug. 19, 2016, issue #34

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This week we feature a 4 Author Spotlight: Bridget Hodder, Wade Albert Wright, Casey Lyall, Erin Petti

Editor Direct Critiques are going on in September over at KidLit College. Check it out here!

Mining for Heart: "Writing a Picture Book Biography? So What?"

10 Things to Know when Working with an Illustrator


  1. Great round up of super posts...we need this info.

  2. Thank you for the roundup! I'm working on a book for kids, so the info was very helpful.

  3. Oh, there is something for illustrators too! Thank you, you are just a treasure for a wandering soul. I've been looking on and beyond but couldn't find anything.

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