The Weekly 411 (10/7/16)

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Friday, Oct. 7, 2016, issue #41

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The New York SCBWI Mid Winter Conference registration opens on October 25th! It usually sells out fast so don't miss this amazing opportunity!


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Diversity in Kidlit

How to Support the Diverse Books Movement

Oct. 1-31 WNDB Mentorship
  • What: Apply for 1 of 10 mentorships (8 authors, 2 illustrators) in PB, MG, YA, NF, and Illustration
  • Who: Diverse authors/illustrators working on diverse works
  • Prize: a one year mentorship


  1. Love that paw-shadow illo!!
    A couple of the links didn't seem to be hot -- is this user error, or was there some other glitch?
    ('High Concept Picture Book Definition' and 'Picture Books Openings and Why They Matter')


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