The Weekly 411 (1/6/17)

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Jan. 6, 2017, Issue 1

Welcome to our 4th year of Kidlit411! In a couple of weeks, we will host an amazing 3rd Birthday Bash, where we will give away a ton of kid lit goodies, including free books, classes, critiques, and agent passes. Stay tuned!


Looking Back at 2016: Important Publishing Developments Authors Should Know

Are you a picture book writer? Come up with 31 ideas this month in Storystorm (all writers can join Storystorm) and join 12x12 to write 12 PB drafts the rest of the year.

Help keep Kidlit411 running. Did you enjoy 52 weeks of KidLit411 weekly newsletters last year? Did you enjoy the free giveaways and Author and Illustrator spotlights? Did you enjoy the Facebook group full of fellow kid lit peeps? If you did, consider donating $12, which is just $1 a month to show KidLit411 your love!  

Thank you so much and Happy New Year everyone!


Get your teens off to a great new year with our Author in the Spotlight Patricia Wooster's book, IGNITE YOUR SPARK: DISCOVERING WHO YOU ARE FROM THE INSIDE OUT (Simon Pulse).  Enter to enter to win a free copy!

Check out our Author-Illustrator Spotlight, Mark Crilley, and enter to win his book, THE DRAWING LESSON: A GRAPHIC NOVEL THAT TEACHES YOU HOW TO DRAW (Watson Guptil).

Isaac Asimov: How to Never Run Out Ideas Again

Five Top Tips from inside the Publishing House

13 Writing Tip from J.K. Rowling, Because She Knows a Thing or Two about Perseverance

Jan. 23 Sun v. Snow
  • What: Send your query and first 250 words on Jan. 23. First 200 entries accepted. 32 entries are picked and paired with a mentor. Polished entries go before agents.
  • Who: MG, YA, NA, adult
  • Prize: Attention of agents
Feb. 24 Pitch Madness
  • What: pitch your novel plus first 250 words. Top 60 pitches go onto agent round.
  • PrizeAttention from agents & requests

7 Tips on How to Write a Good Children's Book

Ten Essential Picture Book Elements

Writing Between the Lines

Subbing Agents vs. Editors as Part of Your Strategy


  1. As usual, the weekly is filled with top notch resources...thank you, Sylvia and Elaine...KidLit411 is an important tool in our picture book writing tool box.

  2. I so agree with Vivian. I look forward to KidLit411 news and notes. Thanks for digging deep to find the resources, lessons, and opportunities that you give us. You are so appreciated!

  3. Great resource for the KidLit community! Thank you! What would we do without you? Just so you know, The Winged Pen has changed their monthly contest to Four on 400. Here's the new link. The old link goes to nowhere.

  4. Great resources always…especially as we start the new year!


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