The Weekly 411 (8/31/18)

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Aug. 31, 2018, vol. 35

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Mark your calendars: Sept. 12 is the next #MSWL day, where agents tweet their wish lists all day.


Today we are excited to feature middle grade author Christina Uss and her debut novel, THE ADVENTURE OF A GIRL CALLED BICYCLE (Margaret Ferguson Books/Holiday House, June 2018). 

Be sure to enter to win a copy!

Cover © Jonathan Bean
Today we are pleased to feature picture book illustrator Luisa Uribe and her new book OPERATION RESCUE DOG, written by Maria Gianferrari (little bee books). Enter to win a copy!

Today we are pleased to feature picture book author Traci Sorell and her new book WE ARE GRATEFUL: OTSALIHELIGA illustrated by Frank Lessac. (Charlesbridge, Sept. 4, 2018) Enter to win a copy!

Authors: Take Advantage of the New Tax Deduction

Contests & Awards

Oct. 15-21 Author Mentor Match
  • What: Apply to get a published/agented author as a mentor for your complete MG or YA (Sign up now to enter to win a query & 1st page critique from a current AMM mentee)
  • Who: unpublished and un-agented MG and YA authors
  • Prize: a customized mentorship for your manuscript to get it to a query-ready condition

For Writers

Sept.-Dec. 2018 An Introduction to the Practical Side of the Mysteries of Line-Editing A seven-part webinar covering all aspects of line-editing, taught by editors Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson. Check out the free introductory video and giveaway opportunities.


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  1. How do we enter to win a copy of the books?!? Thank you!!

  2. Great looking books! I can't find any links that take me to articles about the authors. Is there a new way that this tech-unsavvy nana can't figure out? LOL


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