The Weekly 411 (11/16/18)

© Richard Johnson

Nov. 16, 2018 vol. 46

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We are excited to feature PB author-illustrator Richard Johnson and his picture book, ONCE UPON A SNOWSTORM (Faber & Faber Children's November 1, 2018). Be sure to enter to win a copy.

We are excited to feature YA author Elizabeth Tammi and her YA novel, OUTRUN THE WIND (FLUX). Be sure to enter to win a copy.

cover © Jake Nordby

Contests & Awards

  • What: apply for a grant to support your writing or art 
  • Who: applicants with at least one child under age 18
  • Award: 20 $5,000 grants given in each application cycle

Blogs to Follow

Be Your Own Mentor resources on revising, industry, craft

Great Diverse Children's Books with Transgender, Non-Binary and Gender Expansive Children

Inclusive Minds - working for inclusion, diversity, equality and accessibility in children's literature  

Conferences, Workshops & Retreats

Nov. 23 One Day Picture Boot Camp
Join an amazing line up of picture book creators: Vanessa Brantley-Newton (illustrator), Jim Averbeck (author), Jannie Ho (author/illustrator), Melissa Manlove (editor, Chronicle Books), a panel of picture book authors, and Arree Chung (author/illustrator) as they talk about the craft and business of picture books. All proceeds go to support We Need Diverse Books and First Book.

  • What: a year-long customized course for PB, MG, YA writers. Includes one-on-one mentorship and two in person conferences
  • When to apply: by Nov. 15, 2018

Notable Nineteens: PB authors/illustrators debuting in medium & large publishers in 2019

Picture Book Buzz: PB authors & illustrators debuting in 2019

Novel Nineteens: MG & YA authors debuting in 2019


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  1. Love the covers of both these books. The child and the bear illustration looks magical, and a re-imagining of Atalanta sounds fabulous.

  2. I love books with trees and forests and these books hook me right in!


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