The Weekly 411 (11/22/19)

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Nov. 22, 2019  vol 46

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Today we are pleased to feature a married duo! Author Patricia Miranda and illustrator Chris O'Leary and their fabulous picture book, LEAF MAN (Albert Whitman, March 2019). Enter to win a copy! 

For Writers

Marketing & Creating a Platform

How Publicity Works (Advice from Agent Kate McKean)

Nov. 25 Latinx in Publishing Mentor Program
  • What: apply to be either a mentor or a mentee in a 9-month mentorship for unpublished and/or un-agented Latinx authors
  • Who: Latinx authors (to be a mentor, need to have a published book a year before this program beings)
  • Prize: match with an established Latinx mentor

How to Start Revising that First Draft - Harold Underdown


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