The Weekly 411 (3/13/20)

© Ioana Hobai

Mar. 13, 2020 vol. 11

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We are excited to feature author-illustrator Ioana Hobai and her newest picture book, A WHALE OF A MISTAKE (Page Street Kids), out March 17. Enter to win a copy!

Do You Really Need Comp Titles?

How's the Voice in Your Query Pitch?

Clueless Advice People Give Writers: 10 Things to Ignore 

Critique: 6 Tips for Introducing Characters

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  1. Ioana is amazingly talented and I really enjoyed your interview! Wishing her lots of luck in the future.

  2. Oh, I adore that illustration of Venezia! And that book cover -- how gorgeous!!!

  3. As an artist, I absolutely love Ioana Hobai's creative vision. Beautiful and free.


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