The Weekly 411 (1/29/16)

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Friday, January 29, 2016, Issue #5

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Kidlit411 was listed in The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2016. We're in great company; check out the others.


We spotlight author J. J. Abrams who debuts with his picture book WORM LOVES WORM. Be sure to enter his giveaway for a signed copy.

Our illustrator in the spotlight is the talented Sansu (Sungyeon Joh). Be sure to enter her giveaway of her PB, PART OF MY HEART.

Contests & Awards

  • What: submit a short (under 214 word) story for children with a Valentine theme, and where someone is grumpy
  • Prize: 10 amazing prizes, including courses and critiques

Mar. 1-31 SCBWI Work in Progress Grants
  • What: Apply for a $2000 grant and recognition for various categories: YA, MG, PB, CB, nonfiction, multicultural
  • Who: SCBWI members, uncontracted work, only 1 ms
  • Prize: funds & recognition
  • What: apply to get mentored by established authors to prepare your manuscript for agent round
  • Who: Writeres of MG, YA, and up
  • Prize: Get a mentor and chance to attract agents' attention 


  1. This is another great post filled with fantastic resources and opportunities. I love this website! Thanks so much for keeping us up to date :)


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