The Weekly 411 (1/13/17)

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Jan. 13, 2017, vol. 2

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Our 3rd Birthday Bash is around the corner! Get ready for four days of great giveaways! 

  • Monday Jan 16: free books
  • Tuesday Jan 17: free courses for illustrators and writers
  • Wed Jan. 18: free professional critiques
  • Thurs Jan. 19: golden query passes for agents

New agent alert: Aimee Ashcroft of Brower Agency, seeking YA

Are you a picture book writer seeking inspiration? Check out 12x12, a challenge where you write one draft a month, are part of an amazing community, get access to 12 webinars, and get critiques.


This week we feature illustrator Mikel Prevost. Be sure to enter into her giveaway for a free print of the image above!

We also feature literary agent Jennifer March Soloway of the Andrea Brown Literary Agent. She will participate in next week's big birthday bash giveaway when we give away Golden Query Passes, so stay tuned!

January 25 (9-10 pm Eastern, 6-7 pm Pacific). 

Workshop fee: Free. Live seats are full, but you can sign up to be notified when the recording is available. A recording and a transcript will be available after the webinar.

Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book Manuscript (Webinar Series) February-March 2017 Picture books are short and simple, written for young children, so they must be easy to write--or so we hear from people who have never attempted one. Picture book writers know that's not true, but their length does make it more practical to revise them, perhaps multiple times, and even to completely re-think or "re-imagine" them, than when working with longer forms. That's what we aim to help you do in this webinar series with your picture book manuscripts, both during the class and for years afterwards. As independent editors, and in-house children's book editors in New York before that, both of us have years of experience in working with writers on picture books. The webinar series teaches you techniques to help you find problems with your manuscript, reshape it, and then polish it up before you send it out.

Submissions: Agents & Editors

Why Authors Need Agents: Advanced Edition

Should You Submit Your Work to Agents or Editors?

Four on 400 (every month, deadline 5th day of each month)

  • What: Comment on the contest announcement on the 4th of each month for a chance to submit your first 400 words of an MG or YA ms
  • Prize: Winner's entry will be posted on blog & critiqued by four members of The Winged Pen
July 10-14, Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Conference  Intensive one-on-one coaching from agents (Christa Heschke), editors (Brett Wright/Bloomsbury, Sylvie Frank/Paula Wiseman), and authors (David Greenberg, Marsha Diane Arnold, Pamela Smith Hill, Jenn Reese, Margriet Ruers).  (Oceanside, Oregon)

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