The Weekly 411 (1/20/17)

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Jan. 20, 2017, vol. 3

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We are celebrating our 3rd birthday as a website! Enter to win some great prizes donated by kid lit community of authors, illustrators, publishers, agents, editors, art directors, teachers, and more:  


This week we feature middle grade author Erin Teagan who makes her debut with THE FRIENDSHIP EXPERIMENT. Be sure to enter to win a free copy.

For Writers

An EPIC POST on the Submission Process, from an Agent's POV

Why Don't Agents Explain their Rejections

5 Qualities Agents Look for in Writers

The Unwritten: What You Don't Say When Writing Picture Books (A Free Webinar) January 25 (9-10 pm Eastern, 6-7 pm Pacific). Free. Live seats are full, but you can sign up to be notified when the recording is available. A recording and a transcript will be available after the webinar.

Revising and Re-Imagining Your Picture Book Manuscript (Webinar Series)February-March 2017 Picture books are short and simple, written for young children, so they must be easy to write--or so we hear from people who have never attempted one. Picture book writers know that's not true, but their length does make it more practical to revise them, perhaps multiple times, and even to completely re-think or "re-imagine" them, than when working with longer forms. That's what we aim to help you do in this webinar series with your picture book manuscripts, both during the class and for years afterwards. As independent editors, and in-house children's book editors in New York before that, both of us have years of experience in working with writers on picture books. The webinar series teaches you techniques to help you find problems with your manuscript, reshape it, and then polish it up before you send it out.

July 10-15  Writing for Children Workshop with Esther Hershenhorn Small week-long workshop with craft and writing instruction in the morning and writing time in the afternoon. (Green Mountains VT)

Julie Hedlund's 12 x 12. (Sign up in Jan. and Feb). 
What: Join the world’s friendliest writing community and challenge yourself to write and revise 12 picture books in 12 months.
Who: Open to All
Cost: Tiered Membership Levels. Registration opens in January.

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  1. What an amazing week. Happiest Birthday! Wishing you many more

  2. Thank you for your dedication to bringing so much information to us and for such a fabulous week of celebration!

  3. Another information packed Weekly! Thank yoU! Just to mention it, 2 of the links under SUBMISSIONS AGENTS AND EDITORS don't seem to be live (or maybe it's just me :) ).

    Thank you for all you do! :)

  4. What a wonderful birthday week! KidLit411 may be the most accomplished three-year-old I know! And I appreciate the inclusion of the GROG posts among so many great references - Thanks.


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