The Weekly 411 (2/2/18)

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Feb. 2, 2018, vol. 5

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New agent alert:  Patty Carothers of Metamorphosis Literary Agency is looking for YA clients.

A little more than a week to enter our Kidlit411 Illustration Contest to design a website banner. Cash prizes and more!


Today we feature PB author Ann Marie Stephens! Be sure to enter her giveaway of her picture book CY MAKES A FRIEND, illustrated by Traci Subisak (Boyds Mill Press, 2017) and some swag. 

We also feature author Kim Tomsic and debut MG novel, THE 11:11 WISH (Katherine Tegan Books/Harper Collins, Feb. 13, 2018) and swag. Be sure to enter to win a copy.

So You Got an Offer of Rep. . . (advice on notifying other agents)

Seven Tips for Your Next Writers' Conference

How to Reference Pop Culture in Your Fiction

Feb. 10-14 Valentini Writing Contest with Susanna Hill
  • What: write a 214 word or less story about someone hopeful and post it on your blog
  • Prizes: critiques from editors & authors, craft books, and more
  • What: Be one of 20 lucky winners of a free PB critique
  • Prize: a PB critique from a published PB author from the #epic18 (debut PB authors in 2018)


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  1. Great post - I love both of these author illustrators and can't wait to read their books.

    Ann Marie's statement - "picture books are like a low-cost, unforgettable vacation for the brain" is so true.


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