The Weekly 411 (6/8/18)

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June 8, 2018 vol. 23

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We are excited to feature author Cate Berry and her picture book, PENGUIN AND TINY SHRIMP DON'T DO BEDTIME, illustrated by Charles Santoso (Balzer and Bray/Harpercollins). Enter to win a signed copy!

For Writers

Conferences, Workshops & Retreats

Oct 12-14 Behind the Book: Fight or Flight Join authors Fonda Lee, Stephanie Kuehn, J.C. Geiger, and Bill Cameron for a weekend of talks and workshops for writers of young adult adventure stories and psychological thrillers. (Eugene, OR).

Picture Books

Stockpiling Stories that Grab an Editor's Attention: A 12-Step Plan

A Picture Book Editing Checklist *previously featured*

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