The Weekly 411 (8/3/18)

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Aug. 3, 2018 vol. 31

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News of unethical agent behavior surfaced last week. Agent Danielle Smith's Former Clients Speak Out and warn others to do their homework when choosing agents.


On the first of each month in 2018, we feature an illustrator who won or placed in our KIDLIT411 BANNER CONTEST, and we switch our website banner and FACEBOOK PAGE cover image. On Aug. 1 we presented EUNJI JUNG and her work in the Illustrator Spotlight.

© Eunji Jung


We are excited to feature picture book author Tina Cho and her new picture book, RICE FROM HEAVEN: THE SECRET MISSION TO FEED NORTH KOREANS, illustrated by Keum Jin Song (little bee books Aug. 14, 2018). Be sure to enter to win a copy!

Today we are pleased to present two debut YA authors:
  • Tiffany Brownlee, WRONG IN ALL THE RIGHT WAYS (Henry Holt & Co. July 2018)
  • Annie Sullivan, author of A TOUCH OF GOLD (Blink Aug. 14, 2018)

Enter to win a copy of both their books!

For Writers

Submissions: Agents & Editors

Literary Agents of Color (previously posted)

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Jim Suggests Questions to Ask a Prospective Agent

What Authors and Editors Wish They Could Say to Each Other

Remember to check out our Contests & Awards page for upcoming deadlines for writing contests and awards. August has some good ones.
  • Aug 15: Pen/Phylis Naylor WIP grant of $5000
  • Aug 27-29: Pitch Wars
  • Aug 31: New Voices Award (picture book writers of color)
  • Aug 31: New Visions Award (MG/YA writers of color)
  • Aug 31: Sustainable Arts Foundation Grant of $5000 for writers who are parents of children under 18

Nov. 10 CANSCAIP Packaging Your Imagination Join the Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators and Performers in their annual conference. Sessions and one-on-one manuscript critiques. (Toronto)


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