The Weekly 411 (3/19/21)


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Mar. 19, 2021 vol. 12

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Author Spotlights

We are pleased to feature author Karla Valenti and her recent picture book, ALAN TURING AND THE POWER OF CURIOSITY illustrated by Annalisa Beghelli (Sourcebooks Explore, March 2021)

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We are pleased to feature author Hali Gomez and her young adult novel, LIST OF TEN ( Sterling Teen (March 16, 2021).

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We are excited to feature author Rachel Sarah and her nonfiction middle grade book, GIRL WARRIORS: HOW 25 YOUNG ACTIVISTS ARE SAVING THE EARTH (Chicago Review Press), coming out April 6! Enter to win a copy!

Cover and interior design: Sadie Teper 

Cover illustrations: Ana Copenicker 

We are pleased to feature author Tootie Nienow and her picture book, THERE GOES PATTI McGEE!: THE STORY FO THE FIRST WOMAN'S NATIONAL SKATEBOARD CHAMPION, illustrated by Erika Medina (Farrar, Straus and Giroux), out now. Enter to win a copy!


                                   Submissions: Agents & Editors

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know—Questions to Ask a Potential Agent 

Landing the Right Literary Agent and The Journey to Get There *previously posted*

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