The Weekly 411 (11/6/15)

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Friday, Nov. 6, 2015, Issue #45                                                                                

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Agent Mandy Hubbard has opened a new literary agency, Emerald City Literary Agency, and is open to MG, YA, and Romance only.


This week we feature the incredibly talented Douglas Florian.

All the Wonders -  a home for readers to discover new books; a variety show, entertainment channel, and modern library in one place

Jan. 1   
Kidlit Creature Week 2017  Submit an illustration of any imaginary creature of your choice to be featured in an online collaborative gallery 

Nov. 10, 1 p.m. EST Cracking the Picture Book Query A FREE 90-minute webinar taught by picture book authors Emma Walton Hamilton and Julie Hedlund, teaching you how to write that perfect query.

Jane Yolen: How to Revise Picture Books *previous feature*

Harold Underdown's Revision Recommendations 
*previous feature*

10 Tips for Children's Book Writers

Critiquing and Professional Responsibility - Yours? Theirs?

How Do You Write for Teenagers?

Working Art Part 1: Exposure v. Exploitation

The Illustration Department: Art Director Giuseppe Castellano provides a 3-week dummy workshop, 3-week illustration workshop, and a 1-hr portfolio review  (Three week illustration workshop = a one-on-one workshop including two one-hour live consultations)

The Lyrical Language Lab: Punch up Your Prose . . . with Poetry. Children's poet RenĂ©e LaTulippe presents a fabulous four week online course for children's writers to learn the basics of poetry and how to bring poetic language to all of their writing, whether rhyme or prose. We have been beta testers of this course and cannot recommend it highly enough.  New classes start in January 2016. 

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