The Weekly 411 (10/27/17)

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Oct. 27, 2017, vol. 43

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Agent Molly O'Neill has moved to Root Literary and will open for submissions in January 2018.

Registration is open for the annual SCBWI conference in New York, Feb. 2-4, 2018. This year's format has been changed to focus on craft-intensive workshops.


Our illustrator in the spotlight is Gabriel Evangelista, aka GEvan, a Canadian/Portuguese illustrator, concept artist, art director, and professor.

For Writers

Submissions: Agents & Editors

What an Editor Does (actually, tips on writing a great book)

Writing Chapter Books - A Look at the Numbers

Writing Chapter Books

What Makes a Great Picture Book Class

Writing for Young Adults - A Look at the Numbers  (Hannah Weight Holt's number-driven look at YA writers. Don't miss her pieces on, CBMG & PB, Parts 1 (Habits of PB writers), 2 (finances) and 3 (agents))

Why We Can't Talk about Diversity in Kid Lit without Talking About Money

March 2-4 Whispering Pines Retreat  One of the premiere retreats for children's writers and illustrators, with presentations, workshops, and critiques with mentor authors, editors and agents. (West Greenwich, RI)

Oct. 27 #PitchCB
  • What: Once a month, pitch your ms to the agents at Curtis Brown
  • Prize: Agent attention and requests
Oct. 27-31 Susanna Hill's 7th Annual Halloweensie Contest

  • What: write a 100 word story appropriate for children using the words candy corn, monster, and shadow and post it on your blog
  • Prizes: win critiques, webinars, books, and more
TBA Hook Line and Sinker Challenge

  • What: Submit parts of your PB, MG, or YA work in four rounds, beginning with your first line
  • Prize: anonymous feedback on each round; winner gets 30 min consultation with author Cynthea Liu
Dec. 7 #PitMad

  • What: Tweet your PB, CB, MG, YA, NA, or A ms
  • Prize: Agent attention and requests

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