The Weekly 411 (11/17/17)

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Nov. 17, 2017, vol. 46

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Today we feature the poet Quraysh Ali Lansana. Be sure to enter to win a copy of his book, A GIFT FROM GREENSBORO (Penny Candy Books 2016)

Contests & Awards

Dec. 1  12x12 Scholarship

  • What: Apply for a scholarship to Julie Hedlund's 12x12 Challenge, a year long community of picture book writers with access to agents, webinars, critiques, and more
  • Who: picture book writers from an underrepresented community or with financial need
  • Prize: 6 scholarships will be given (3 for Diversity, 3 for Financial Need)

Dec. 1 Bologna Children's Book Fair Illustrators' Exhibit
  • What: submit 5 original illustrations on the same theme for inclusion in Illustrators' Exhibit
  • Who: any illustrator (Dec. 1 deadline for SCBWI members; general deadline has passed)
  • Prize: selection for inclusion in the Illustrators' Exhibit
  • What: Submit one humorous poem under 250 words
  • Prize: $1000 first prize, $250 2nd prize, ten $100 honorable mentions

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