The Weekly 411 (11/24/17)

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Nov. 24, 2017, vol. 47

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Are you NaNoing? Or failing spectacularly? Or not at all interested? Here's an interesting article: Why NaNoWriMo is Liberating for Some Authors and Dangerous for Others


This week we feature Lisa Amstutz, author of over 80 children's books. Enter to win a copy of her most recent picture book, APPLESAUCE DAY! illustrated by Talitha Shipman (Albert Whitman & Co.).

For Writers

Middle Grade

Children's Book Manuscript Chapter Length

Mar 22-25 Everything You Need to Know about Children's Book Publishing: A Crash Course

A Highlights workshop for serious beginners; an intensive weekend on how children's book publishing works. Learn all about submitting, producing, and selling trade books, and connect with industry professionals. (Honesdale, PA)

How Long is Writing Supposed to Take?

Ten Tips for Wanna-Be-Focused-Writer by Tina Cho

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