The Weekly 411 (2/1/19)

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Feb. 1, 2019 vol. 5

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To celebrate the ALA Awards that took place on Jan. 29, we are giving away the 2019 Newbery & Caldecott winners!

  • Newbery Award winner: Merci Suarez Changes Gears, by Meg Medina (Candlewick)
  • Caldecott Winner: Hello Lighthouse, by Sophie Blackall (Little, Brown & Co.)

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Agent news: agent ZoĆ« Plant joined the Bent Agency and will be acquiring children's and YA fiction


Today we are excited to feature MG author Cory Leonardo and her debut, THE SIMPLE ART OF FLYING (Aladdin/S&S, Feb. 12, 2019)/ CALL ME ALLISTAIR (Scholastic UK). Be sure to go to the spotlight to enter to win a copy.

Illustration © Jennifer Bricking
Cover design © Karin Paprocki and Tiara Iandiorio

On the first of each month in 2019, we feature an illustrator who won or placed in our Kidlit411 Banner Contest, and we switch our website banner and Facebook page cover image. Today we present Richard Cartwright, who won 2nd place, and his work.

© Richard Cartwright

For Writers

How to Get Emotion Onto the Page

Writing Tip: Make Sure Your Scene Endings Hook Your Readers

Scared of the Anticlimactic Ending? Here's How to Kick it to the Curb

Laini Taylor Reveals the Allure of Forbidden Love

Voice: Writing Words that Sing

Feb. 23 Madness Poetry
  • What: apply to be one of 64 competing poets ("authletes") and compose poems based on a prompt. You have 36 hours each round and the best poet standing wins. Classrooms, students & others vote for the best poems.
  • Prize: one year possession of the Thinkier trophy & bragging rights.

Vivian Kirkfield on Showing versus Telling Strategies

What Am I Writing? Young Adult vs. Middle Grade

YA v. Adult: What's So Different Anyway?

Feb. 8-10 Write On Con an online conference for children's and YA writers and illustrators. WriteOnCon features blogs, vlogs, pitch sessions, Q&As, critique forums, and more — there’s something for every writer/illustrator, in every stage of their career. From the comfort of your home, a library, a coffee shop — any place with an internet connection — you can meet agents and editors, connect with potential critique partners, and generally soak up a whole bunch of knowledge.

Social Justice Books - multicultural and social justice books for children, YA, and educators

How to Create the Perfect Writing Process for You

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  1. How fantastic--I love Hello Lighthouse and have Merci Suarez Changes Gears on my expanding list!

  2. So exciting. Would love to win this one!!

  3. These books look amazing! Always happy to read more mentor texts.

  4. Thank you, Kidlit411, for a terrific post and a terrific offer.

  5. I would love to win. Thanks Kidlit411 for the opportunity.

  6. I like the charming cover for "Hello Lighthouse"!

  7. I remember first reading "Hello Lighthouse" in a bookstore, and thinking "Wish I'd thought of that." Wonderful book. Looking forward to reading Meg Medina's book, too!

  8. Congratulations to the winners, well done!

  9. We can always count on you, Elaine and Sylvia, to keep us on track and in the know with everything that's up and coming. Would love to have a copy of Hello Lighthouse...or any pictue book, actually...I just can't get enough, I guess. ;)

  10. Congratulations to Meg and Sophie!

  11. This is a fantastic prize! I'd love to own both of these great books. Thanks!!

  12. Thanks for the chance to win award-winning books. These are to treasure!

  13. The thing I love about the kidlit community is the love for all. Wonderful giveaway!

  14. I am so excited to read Merci Suarez! And I'm so excited for Sophie Blackall! Hello Lighthouse is BEAUTIFUL!

  15. Thanks for sharing so many wonderful books, especially Merci Suarez Changes Gears and Hello Lighthouse.

  16. Would so love to have one of these books.

  17. Love you all for all the work you put into 411!

  18. I love to share diverse books like Changes Gears with my children.

  19. This is my first time seeing the Newsletter. How wonderful and helpful and all the rest. Look forward to seeing the next ones. Terrific articles here.

  20. Great post and our very own Kid Lit Award! WooHoo!

  21. Would love to share these with my students in my children's literature course! Thanks for hosting!

  22. Thank you for all you do for the kidlit community including the fantastic giveaways!

  23. I'm over the MOON about these wins. Thanks so much for hosting a giveaway.

  24. I'm so thrilled for Meg! She's so generous and talented. Well deserved!


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