The Weekly 411 (3/6/20)

© Chloe Bristol

March 6, 2020 vol. 10

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We are excited to feature middle-grade debut author, Zanib Mian and her book, PLANET OMAR: ACCIDENTAL TROUBLE MAGNET, illustrated by Nasaya Mafaridik (G.P. Putnam's Sons, Feb. 2020)  Enter to win a copy!

We are excited to feature picture book debut author, Elisa Boxer and her book THE VOICE THAT WON THE VOTE, illustrated by Vivien Mildenberger. (Sleeping Bear Press, Mar. 15, 2020).

Enter to win a copy!

Today we are excited to feature illustrator Chloe Bristol and her new picture book, NONSENSE! THE CURIOUS STORY OF EDWARD GOREY, by Lori Mortensen (Versify Mar. 24, 2020). Enter to win a copy!

We also feature illustrator Lynnor Bontigao who designed the March website banner for Kidlit411. Enter to win a copy of her book, JACK & AGYU, by Justine Villanueva (Sagawa Press 2019).

© Lynnor Bontigao

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  1. Thanks for all the resources and sharing some great books with us :-).

  2. Another fabulous issue. And I would like to move into Chloe's town please. Soooo beautiful!


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