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Dec. 11, 2020 vol. 50

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We're excited to feature author Terry Pierce and her recent board book, LOVE CAN COME IN MANY WAYS, illustrated by Suzy Ultman (Chronicle Books Oct. 2020).Be sure to enter the giveaway to win a copy!

We're excited to feature author Andrew Katz and his recent picture book, I JUST WANT TO BE SUPER, illustrated by Tony Luzano, (in French, Je suis Super Nino!) (CrackBoom! Books, 2020).  Be sure to enter the giveaway to win a copy!


We are excited to host a giveaway of the picture book, HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINTER, by Justin Ogden, illustrated by David Condry (Lulu, Nov 2020). Be sure to enter the giveaway in the Rafflecopter below (US addresses only)!

About the Book:  Happy Birthday Winter aims to bring joy and curiosity to the changing of the seasons. As the world in which the characters live changes from Fall to Winter, the characters embark on a journey to continue a tradition of celebration to welcome the Winter Season. 


About the Author: Justin Ogden is a father, husband and a full time high school special educator. Justin is a third generation Colorado native, and loves the outdoors. When he is not working, or spending time with his family he is pursuing his love of writing with side projects like Happy Birthday WinterInstagram @ogdawg80


About the Illustrator: David Condry is a full-time elementary art teacher, family man, and founder of ROCK⚡FAM, a student rock band program (see the hashtag on Instagram).  On the side, he pursues freelance design work while still making time for passion projects such as Happy Birthday Winter. Follow him on Twitter @davidcondry 

Learn more about and buy the book here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Picture Books

12x12 Registration opens Jan 8, 2021 - don't miss out on one of the premier communities of picture book writers and illustrators. A paid membership gets you monthly webinars, critique opportunities, a great member forum, and much more. 

For Writers

 How to Find Your Writer's Voice

Creating Your Own Rules: How to Build a Story World

Freelance Editors & Critiques 

Laura Bontje


How to Move from First Draft to Second Draft to Publishable Book

Submissions: Agents & Editors

Advanced Tips for Querying Agents (+ Query Critique Giveaway)

Literaticast and Literaticat - podcast and blog of agent Jennifer Laughran with great advice (e.g. Interview with agent Molly O'Neill and query tips)

For Illustrators

OC Art Studios: affordable and accessible higher education courses for students interested in learning fundamentals of animation, comics, and illustration, by Larissa Marantz, former Nickelodeon Illustrator, animation character designer, gallery artist, and published children's book illustrator. 2021 classes include: Painting: Color and Light; Character & Costume Design; Visual Storytelling 



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  1. I love this page. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday, Winter looks like a gorgous book!

  2. Lisa's illo is amazing! Can you share how to get in the drawing for the first two books since the rafflecoptee is only for the winter book? Thanks so much!

  3. Happy Birthday, Winter has such as gorgeous cover and I can't wait to read it.

  4. Happy Birthday Winter looks like an adorable book, I love the cover.

  5. I would love to share Winter with my students! The cover is lovely.

  6. Book looks great, look forward to reading it!


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