The Weekly 411 (2/4/22)


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Feb. 4, 2022 vol. 5

The Weekly 411 gathers all the links added to Kidlit411 each week. To receive this post by email, sign up for our email updatesAre you on Facebook? Join our Kidlit411 group for conversations and camaraderie. This week's illustration is by Rafael Macho.

Author and Author-Illustrator Spotlights

We are thrilled to feature author-illustrator Anne Appert and her picture book, BLOB (HarperCollins 2021). Enter to win a copy!

We are excited to feature author Sophia Gholz and her picture book, Jack Horner, Dinosaur Hunter!, illustrated by Dave Shephard (Sleeping Bear Press 2021). Enter to win a copy!

We are excited to feature author Vanessa L. Torres and her debut young adult novel, The Turning Point (Penguin Random House Knopf Books for Young Readerscoming out on February 22. Enter to win a copy!

cover art Jonathan Bartlett/ design Regina Flath

Illustrator Spotlight

We are excited to feature illustrator Rafael Macho and his banner design for Kidlit411, which won second place in our recent banner design contest.

© Rafael Macho

For Writers

Novel Setting: Where's It Going to Be?

Conflict in Fiction: What it Really Is and Why It's Important to Plot

Third Person Omniscient vs. Limited vs. Head Jumping

Tips on Writing a Fighting Scenes with Multiple Characters/Allies

Writing Courses

April 6- May 5 Plotting and Structuring Your Verse NovelPlotting a verse novel comes with its own unique needs and opportunities. Join Cordelia Jensen to analyze plot structures (non-“traditional,” “traditional,” and everything in between), and then outline your project in this five-week, highly engaging plotting intensive specifically designed for verse novelists. Live sessions each Wednesday, optional peer-to-peer community hours, workshop poems, 18 participants max. 

Inspirational Things

Yes, Writers Need to Hear the Hard Truths. But Warnings Can Only Go So Far

For Writers

Secrets to Writing an Effective Character Description

What is a Character Arc?

How to Write an Unforgettable Ending


  1. Anne Appert is a DELIGHT! Their story spark about BLOB is exactly what we PB writers are told all the time: one part inspiration, one part personal experience. Thank you!

  2. I can't wait to read Blob!! Sounds so imaginative, fun and sweet. Blob's message is an important - be yourself, and own it!


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